Sunday, 15 June 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/06/14 - letthemusicplay ft. Kate Tempest, Jungle, Cloud Nothings, Isaiah Rashad, Andrew Ashong,

Five treats that Daddy would like.....

Andrew Ashong - Special (2014)
Andrew Ashong is a British-Ghanaian Soul singer-songwriter, DJ and producer from Forest Hill in South London.  His style is the laid back, soul/jazz of the 70s and he has many supporters - He won the Track of the Year gong at the Worldwide Awards which was nominated by the listeners to Gilles Peterson's radio show.  Pour yourself a drink and enjoy it is - that is what I did!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jungle - 'Lucky I Got What I Want' (2014)

Flycasual featured them earlier this year so it goes to show even internal musical bliss, works quite well. Don't you think? West London duo Jungle are what is described as Electro-Soul and this is a haunting track with a big bass beat and an organ hook to die for. It is from their self titled album and I love it!

Jungle are also featuring at the Latitude Festival so I will be poping in to sample their delights.

Shell Hunter:-
letthemusicplay ft. Kate Tempest - 'Our Town' (2014)

Another poet genius will be on stage at Latitude Festival this year, highly acclaimed Kate Tempest. I didn't know her from adam until I saw her supporting Scroobius Pip at Hoxton Bar in London a few years ago. Let's just say I was absolutely blown away with her and band Sound Of Rum. This new track with London producers letthemusicplay is just excellent. Kate does what she does best, her spoken word but telling the story with real feeling. I love the way you can actually hear her smiling as she talks about the heady days of getting drunk and being in love. The backing is a total house rave up which normally wouldnt even turn my head but with Kate's clever words, its no wonder she's won awards for her poetry. Her new album Everybody Down was out in May and will be getting more than a few spins from me on the run up to the festival!

London Scouser:-
Cloud Nothings - 'I'm Not Part Of Me' (2014)
A couple of weeks ago I was going through my facebook page and in the middle of annoying people (yes my facebook friends) sharing pictures of their dinner or professing their undying love for their other half's, I saw that I was recommended a band as I follow a few bands on facebook, it said something along the lines of 'if you like Black Books & Ringo Deathstarr you'll probably like Cloud Nothings. I took the advice and have to concede I do like them. This song comes from the 3-piece band's 4th album 'Here And Nowhere Else' which was released in April. It starts with good riffage and continues with a great sing-along chorus. They are currently in the middle of a worldwide tour that sees them visiting the Far East before heading back home to the US and Canada. Then they come over to Europe for a few festivals in August. I definitely will be looking into their back catalogue on the strength of this

Isaiah Rashad - Soliloquy (2014)

Thanks to Sfw, I've been listening Isaiah Rashad's EP, Clivia Demo all week. He sent me the track, 'Soliloquy', with it's old school style boom bap beat and a piano hook that sounds like it could have been done by Cuban piano maestro, Ruben Gonzalez, it was an instant hit. I first heard of Isaiah Rashad when I was doing research for a TOTW a few weeks ago on label mate (Kendrick Lamar's Top Dawg Entertainments label), SZA, but never got round to listening to him. Sfw knows me to well as the LA based, Tennessee rapper's record is full of laid back, smoked out cuts which wouldn't go a miss on our Late Night Hip Hop playlist.

Check out Isaiah Rashad on Top Dawg Entertainment records.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/06/14 - letthemusicplay ft. Kate Tempest, Jungle, Cloud Nothings, Isaiah Rashad, Andrew Ashong,
4/ 5


15 June 2014 at 19:25

Andrew Ashong - very Gilles Peterson and very nice. Would I want to hear it again? Possibly.

Jungle - I like the edgy vibe to this tune. I think it could be a grower. A hit!

Kate Tempest - didn't know her from Adam until I hard her last week and I'm torn - her rhyming is undoubtedly skillful and there's fun in how she plays with words whilst telling a story but her accent drives me nuts. Not being funny but I bet she's middle class and had a private education. Maybe I'm wrong but, even if I am, I'm still right. You knows it.

Cloud Nothings - no comment - not my thing.

Isaiah Rashad - Now, if it IS Ruben Gonzalez, that's hunky dory (lovely stuff). I really like the old style hip hop feel to this but it's a bit brief.

Yes, I'm in a funny mood today.

29 June 2014 at 11:46

OP - Jungle are one of my artists of the year
SH - Not bad
LS - Great
FC - You know it