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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06/07/2014 - Ryan Adams, Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson, Solomon Grey, Clinton Fearon, Emperor Machine,

Five tracks that saved the day...

Shell Hunter:-
Solomon Grey - 'Electric Baby' (2014)

It's less than 2 weeks til Latitude Festival so I'm trying to cram as much listening as I can. Solomon Grey, the electro duo I featured last year has been the latest group I've been listening to. Grouped in the same category as other greats like LCD Soundsytem and Little Dragon, they'll be ones I'm hoping to see on the tiny Alcove stage. This new track with it's hints of the 80s reminds me a little of Tubular Bells. They haven't yet got an album out but have a few EPs out, one if which was commissioned by the tourist board for Ireland. It's called Dathanna or Sounds Of The Wild Atlantic Way and will whisk you away to the far away landscapes of Ireland. You can download it for free on their website It's head spinningly good!

London Scouser:-
Gabriel Sullivan and Taraf de Tucson - 'The Rust, The Knife' (2011)

This week I had the absolute pleasure to meet Howe Gelb at my place of work after telling him how much I liked his work, he told me to check out 2 artists. The first one is Gabriel Sullivan (who Howe Gelb introduced me to) who had opened for Howe on some of his European dates that they were returning home from. During the conversation, I was given the CD of his album 'Gabriel Sullivan &; Taraf de Tucson — None of This Is Mine' and I can tell you on my first play it blew me away. It's difficult to choose a favourite track as they are all winners, but I plumped for this one with it's 'Spaghetti Western' sounds that I could imagine whistling along too whilst driving through the Tucson desert. The album has the Mexican influences that I love from 'Calexico' & 'Mexican Institute of Sound' and his vocals remind me of 'Nick Cave'.

In January this year, he decided to record 1 song per day, which is pretty mind blowing. Check it out here 
This is the track he recorded a few hours before I met him

Emperor Machine - 'The Point' feat Michelle Bee (2014)
Satisfying, hip thrusting, freaky funk from one time Bizzare Inc (responsible for 90's floor fillers such as 'I'm Gonna Get You' and 'Playing With Knives') member, Andy Meecham. Taken from the UK producer's 4th album, Like a Machine, out last month. Emperor Machine on Southern Fried Records...

Ryan Adams - Gimme Somthing Good (2014)
Ryan Adams is back. Gimmee Something Good is his first release since 2011's Ashes and Fire and will appear on his self-titled album which is out in September. With it's bluesy, electric sound it may be sign of more electric material, I guess we'll have to wait and See. I love it!

Old Pa's Corner:-
Clinton Fearon - Blame Game (2014)
Don't get stuck in the rut, playing the blame game, that dirty old game! So take heed from these wise words from Mr Clinton Fearon. This is the title track from his excellent album Goodness. There are some real winners on this old school reggae album. I reallly wanted to feature a track called Shadow and it is worth seeking out.  Top stuff!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06/07/2014 - Ryan Adams, Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson, Solomon Grey, Clinton Fearon, Emperor Machine,
4/ 5


6 July 2014 at 19:58

A great mixed bag this week!
LS- what a great 'close encounter' and what a find! I think we will be listening to this...a lot! Shame he didn't sign it for you, doh!
Fly- I really like! Fun-Kay!
Sfw- welcome back Ryan, loving the raunchy guitar. Looking forward to more.
Pa- excellent! And excellent advice, especially for me at work!

7 July 2014 at 13:37

London Scouser. How brilliant for you to meet Mr Gelb and what a fine recommendation from the great man. 'The Rust, The Knife' is tune of the week for me. I hope you'll share Howe's other suggestion.

8 July 2014 at 15:38

Really liking Solomon Grey and Empire Machine from this selection, perfectly fitting my Summer dancing mood at the moment. Thanks.

9 July 2014 at 11:01

SH - I may join you...maybe!
LS - Great many people get to meat these guys at their place of work...great track and one to watch
FC - like this one
SFW - grower...most anticipated album of the year

26 August 2014 at 12:40

SH, this is great and I wish I had seen them now...can't believe there were only a handful of people watching them at Latitude.

LS, good story and a definite perk of the job. Brilliant discovery and I love this track. Like you say the perfect music for that road trip through Death Valley.

Sfw, despite Ryan Adams sounding like Bryan Adams, it's really good stuff. Looking forward to the album.

Old Pa, absolutely can't go wrong with this and the album is top drawer too.

Sfw, I'm joking....calm down, sheesh