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Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands/Morrissey - Suedehead



The White Nile meets the Blue Nile

MORRISSEY - Suedehead (1988)

I think it was about the third day I was there when there appeared to be a bit of a commotion outside of the work office which faced the main runway at Khartoum Airport. I joined everyone heading outside. There was a convoy of limousines heading in our direction. When they eventually passed I could see very clearly, only a few metres away Colonel Gaddafi in full uniform, He was on a state visit to the Sudan. 

It was the Friday, my last day and as we finished early Ali said he would show me around after work.  He took me on a tour of Khartoum. We passed the place where the Blue Nile met the White Nile. Now that that was an impressive sight.

He drove quite a way and eventually we were in the dessert, he continued to drive what seemed like a very long time. In the distance I could see what could only be described as a crude stadium. We entered and I believe I was the only European there. I clutched my little bag which contained my passport and other important documents. I dared not leave anything in my hotel room.

Tribal Wrestling
What was happening was a wrestling match between two local tribes. Every now and again two guys met in the middle of the stadium and the noise levels rose as the two guys continued to fight. I did not really understand what was happening and this continued for over an hour. Suddenly out of the blue rifles appeared and were pointed into the air and all fired at once . The sound was deafening. Ali informed me that one of the tribes had won the contest. It certainly was an exciting experience and one I will never forget.

On the way back Ali showed me the Hilton Hotel where all my colleagues who previously visited Khartoum stayed. It was $100 per night and there was a nice view of the Nile and I am sure the doors of the rooms had locks.

The whole trip had cost me $5 dollars, I tried to give Ali $50 for the whiskey and all the help he gave me but he would not take a cent. Top man was Ali.

When I returned to Jeddah I went Immediately and bought a new separates Kenwood stereo System and matching cabinet with the money I had saved. It was worth the sacrifice and what the hell it was a great experience.
THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Darklands (1988)

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Jesus and Mary Chain - Darklands/Morrissey - Suedehead
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20 August 2014 at 10:24

What an incredible experience Old Pa, one I bet you remembered often, as you spun another disc on your prized Kenwood music system. But you never did tell us - how did you manage to dispose of that whiskey bottle without causing an international incident?

20 August 2014 at 10:35

TS - I put the empty back in the brown bag and gave it back to Ali....the secret of good management....always pass on the problem!

21 August 2014 at 10:08

Ah, delegation. Smart move Old Pa!

21 August 2014 at 15:50

Fascinating, I'm glad we have this blog to recount such tales Alan Whicker has nothing on you. Suedhead is an amazing track and it's has been a long while since I heard the Jesus and Mary Chain. Brilliant. I'll prob give that album another go.