Monday, 4 August 2014

Weezer - 'Buddy Holly' & Edie Brickell - 'Good Times'

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My mum came home from work one day in the 90's and gave me a PC that she had bought at work. Her company we're updating their systems and she got it for £20 !! "Great" I thought, I would have my very own computer, and I could now create my own 'Weird Science' hottie... In truth though it was about as powerful as a bottle of coke that had been left open for a week. But I was optimistic, and decided to pay a visit to PC World to upgrade it. I bought a CD ROM and soundcard package and some RAM memory which set me back a little over £500 !!. But hey I had the cash so why not, in hindsight I could probably have paid a little extra and bought a new PC but there you go. As part of the package I was also given a copy of Windows 95 which at the time was the dogs doodahs compared to DOS. Once I had installed everything I loaded Windows and was amazed at the difference. Plus it had video playback capabilities, the like of which I'd never seen and included on the disc were 2 videos for 2 great songs. Thinking back now the quality of the videos were awful but I'll never forget watching them over and over.

Weezer - 'Buddy Holly' (1994)

Having grown up in the 70's and 80's I was a big fan of 'Happy Days' so I absolutely loved the 'Buddy Holly' video which was set in Arnold's Diner. I'd bought 'Shooting Rubber Bands At The Stars' by Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians so was pleased when I heard the new track, and the fact that Barry White featured on vocals made it even better...

Edie Brickell - 'Good Times' (1994)

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Weezer - 'Buddy Holly' & Edie Brickell - 'Good Times'
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4 August 2014 at 11:34

£500 in the mid ninties seems a lot....but you got the memory and you got the songs...thats what Tune Doctor is about!

4 August 2014 at 21:46

Nice little tale. I remember getting my a state or the art IBM in the early 90's, it had a VGA graphics card and everybody was crowding round it to look at pictures of the Grand Canyon in it and ting. Also the games, like Leisure Suit Larry, it was a bit rude but Old Pa and Ma never new that! Buddy Holly is your default theme because you looked like the bespectacled rock n roller. Classic Vid. As for Brickell, it's the first time I've heard that song. Bizarre use of the Walrus of Love I think.