Thursday, 18 September 2014

Action Bronson - 'Easy Rider' / Illuzual - 'Chemicals'

YO! TuneDr Raps!

A couple of tracks that gave me some swag for the school run this week

Action Bronson - 'Easy Rider' (2014)

Some brilliant tripped out, 60's infused Hip Hop in a pastiche to the classic road movie of the same name. All courtesy of US heavyweight rapper, Action Bronson which is taken from his forthcoming album, Mr Wonderful. Before becoming an MC, Mr Action used to be a gourmet chef in New York and references food in many of his tracks, even hosting his own show entitled "Action in the Kitchen" yo face Jamie Oliver!

Illuzual - 'Chemicals' (2014)

An album that managed to hit my Hip Hop tickle spot last week was Illuzual's Goodie Bags and like the title suggests, it was full of Hip Hop goodness. It's laid back, smoked out 'boom bap' style is exactly what I love about the genre. Illuzual is a German DJ/Beatmaker signed on to Sheffield label, Bad Taste and the album also features a number of stable mate UK MC's as well as a member from another of my favourites, the Mouse Outfit (featured here). Out of many stand outs, it's the lo-fi 'Disguise' that was a particular highlight, with it's good use of a sitar and atmospheric nuances in the background, perfect for all nocturnal activities, whatever they maybe. Speaking of which, 'Disguise', will definitely feature in our forthcoming Spotify playlist, Late Night Hip Hop Vol.3. For now check out Vol.1 and Vol.2.

Unfortunately the 'embed code' on the Bandcamp site didn't work so I have had to post the Spotify embed instead. Above track, Chemicals, was the first track I heard from the album that had me hooked like a tractor beam.

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Action Bronson - 'Easy Rider' / Illuzual - 'Chemicals'
4/ 5