Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Corries/Alexander Brothers - Flower of Scotland



those days are passed now

THE CORRIES - Flower of Scotland

There are quite a few songs I had wish I had written, but top of that list would have to be The Flower of Scotland written by Roy Williamson of The Corries. I remember seeing The Corries in Inverness during the mid sixties and do have a recollection of them singing the song.

The song has become the unofficial Scottish anthem. Not only is it now sung at the start of Scottish Rugby matches and other sporting events but was also played when a Scottish person was receiving their medals at the recent Commonwealth Games. I never got tired of hearing it.

The song really is about Robert the Bruce's victory over the English at Bannockburn and I suppose it really is an anti English song, if you think about it. (those days are passed now)

How would I vote?

Well I am rather disgusted at the events of last week when Cameron etc. came up to Scotland in panic because the vote was getting very close. Before it has always been the no vote having the majority. How cynical, to suddenly panic and start to offer Scotland more powers if they stay in the Union. Why did they not do this before?. Well it looks to me they thought they could get the vote for free and not have to promise Scotland anything. If I was living in Scotland now, that may well have swayed me to a yes vote.

If Scotland were offered more satisfactory powers before, then it would have been all done and dusted.  More power in their own affairs and stay in the Union. The best of both worlds in my book.

I would vote no.

However saying that, it would certainly be exciting if the vote went yes!


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The Corries/Alexander Brothers - Flower of Scotland
4/ 5


17 September 2014 at 07:39

Beautiful tune.
As an Englishman living in Wales, I want Britain to stay together but good luck to the Scots whichever way they vote; I hope they can all overcome their differences. Cameron and co. have been utterly cynical and I know that if I lived in Scotland I'd now vote 'Yes' just to stick it to them. Idiots.

17 September 2014 at 09:36

The flying, panic stricken visits by Cameron and his desperate crew would probably have tipped me into the Yes camp if I lived in Scotland, however opposed I might have been.

18 September 2014 at 11:06

It's a no from me. I just hope people think long and hard about what they are voting for and not because of Braveheart. Then again I have no say, I'm only half Scot, live in England and have never lived in Scotland so I should probably keep schtum. Anyway I remember being asked by a fellow member of the Tartan Army, whilst on active duty in Poland, "what are you doing here? You don't sound Scottish!"

The songs....well, goose pimple inducing stuff.

18 September 2014 at 13:20

I hope it doesn't happen but whatever happens the UK will never been the same again. It's been amazing watching the passion of the rival supporters and it could be a real watershed for voter turnout in elections. I just hope it doesn't go nasty after the result as I don't fancy having another Ukraine / Northern Ireland on our hands :-(