Sunday, 14 September 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 14/09/14 - Antoine Mars, Woods, Thurston Moore, Saint Motel

Five tracks that got our 'yes' vote this week....

London Scouser:-
Woods - 'With Light And With Love' (2014)

After listening to The Sour Notes last week I went onto the 'Similar Artists' link on their Spotify profile and came across Woods. They rang a musical bell to me and after checking I saw that Old Pa featured them as his TOTW back in 2012 and to boot he included a 9 minute live version of the track 'Bend Beyond'. Well this time my choice is also 9 minutes long but this is the actual album version. This is the title track of their latest album and they still have that 60's vibe. When I'm listening to this I don't notice the time as I'm immersed into the twangy guitar sounds which at times seem almost psychedelic. One track that I'm going to add to my 'Epic's' playlist for sure. Pure bliss

Antoine Mars - 'Rocketshipp' (2014)

I received this track on email the other day stating that he's exactly what Hip Hop needs right now and to 'believe the hype!' I thought, "oh yeah? Go on then". Well yeah, I may have to believe a bit of the aforementioned hype as on this form, it convinced a cynical, ageing, Old School B-Boy. Unsigned Antoine Mars is a talented MC hailing from Harlem who clearly encapsulates that East Coast vibe perfectly, showing why New York is indeed Raps capital. Stellar!

Check his blog out on Tumblr here....

Thurston Moore - The Best Day (2014)
'The Best Day' is the title track from the Sonic Youth's Frontmans new album. It's a foot stomping, indie rocker that, for me, features some of Moore's best material in years. His band, which features James Sedwards, My Bloody Valentine bassist Debbie Googe and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley has been put together while he lives in London. The Thurston Moore Band will hit the road with gigs in London, Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow and end in Nottingham on November 12.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Blonde Redhead - Dripping (2014)

This one hits you right away and grabs your attention. There is a similar feel running through the album of the same name Dripping (2014). I have to say I am not too familiar with these guys even although they have been going about their business since the early nineties.  They are called a combination of Art Punk,Electro. Sounds pretty good that, as is this, the lead track from their album.

Shell Hunter:-
Saint Motel - 'My Type' (2014)

This is Fun with a capital Kay! I can't stop singing this tune from the LA rockers Saint Motel and I love the horns, they're disco-tastic! They remind me a little of Franz Ferdinand but with more cowbell. From what I read, they are like indie chameleons spanning dream pop to indie rock. My Type is from their latest 4 track EP of the same name but they already have an album under their belt called Voyeur which was out in 2012. It might be worth a peek!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 14/09/14 - Antoine Mars, Woods, Thurston Moore, Saint Motel
4/ 5


14 September 2014 at 12:05

LS - Love them Woods...also one of my top 5 tracks of last year...this is well up to standard.
FC - if raps yer bag, you wil like this, Yo! bro!
SFW - love his stuff, this is great, will be checking out the album
SH - a catchy one!

winner but close is Thurston Moore

14 September 2014 at 19:12

All crackers this week!!!

LS, a 9 minute of psychedelic journey on a Sunday afternoon, what's not to like. I will definitely give this another spin.

Sfw, another track leaving wanting more, a very good sign.

Old Pa, brilliant track....never heard of these guys...where have I been? I will definitely check this and their previous stuff.

SH, disco tastic! I heard this at the beginning of the summer and loved it. I was gonna feature it as a TOTW myself until I heard it on Terry Wogan's BBC2 radio show. He described how he'd boogie to this or something and that put me off...

16 September 2014 at 13:30

Great choice with Blonde Redhead - I liked them a lot several years ago but hadn't thought about them for ages and didn't realise they were still going, so thanks for that Old Pa.
(FC, for more BR I recommend 'Misery Is A Butterfly')

I heard that Saint Motel a short while ago too and I think you're right about Franz Ferdinand, Shellhunter. Isn't it also SO eighties, maybe Heaven 17 or Haircut 100?! But I like it!