Sunday, 21 September 2014

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21/09/2014 - Nothing But Thieves, The Madden Brothers, George the Poet, Goat

Four tracks that go better together....

London Scouser:-
The Madden Brothers - 'We Are Done' (2014)

I received an email the other day advising me that my pre-order of FIFA15 for the Xbox would be posted soon and l noticed it had a link relating to the soundtrack that the game features. I clicked and was directed to a link for a Spotify playlist... I thought what the hey and decided to give it a listen. There are a variety of hit and misses, one of the hits being this track. The Madden Brothers in question are Benji & Joel, better known for their band 'Good Charlotte' who had some good songs a few years back of the pop-punk variety. This is a little different and in a good way. Although I'm a bit late, its a definite summer feelgood track. It was popular down under where it got to No 1 in Australia & New Zealand. Their album 'Greetings From California' was released last week, and might be worth a listen based on this.

George the Poet x Bodhi - 'My City' (2014)

A fantastic ode to 'real' London through the eyes of George the Poet, a 23 year old rapper/spoken word artist from the Stonebridge Park estate in Harlesden, an area once described as lawless. It's a coherent, social commentary about a forgotten London, spoken over a lucid driving house beat, courtesy of Welsh dance duo, Bodhi, which just adds to the atmosphere. Despite the tough upbringing, George studied at King's College, Cambridge and it's this contrast that enables him to passionately campaign on how Rap music has a detrimental effect on today's youth with many rappers frittering away the opportunity of the limelight to inspire or do good. Quite.

See George the Poet's blog, here...

Nothing But Thieves - Last Orders (2014)

Nothing But Thieves are a recent discovery that have become a bit of a guilty pleasure.  The Southend 5-piece almost sound too good.  They have the grace to admit that they've been highly influenced by Jeff Buckley and with the Stadium-friendly tracks, these indie-pop-rockers may be the real deal.  Download their free e.p. from their website. Ones to watch.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Goat - Words (2014)

Dancing like demented Aztec Goddesses, backed by persons in Burkas, music, a cross between Santana and Hawkwind. That sort of describes Goat (not to be confused with The Goats) that the is the big difference.
I first heard of them and saw them, this year at Latitude Festival and I loved 'em. Here is a track from their new album Commune (2014). Enjoy the Goat experience. 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21/09/2014 - Nothing But Thieves, The Madden Brothers, George the Poet, Goat
4/ 5


23 September 2014 at 16:41

LS, catchy hook, nice sentiment, hunky punks but pretty rubbish.

Sfw, not bad at all, good band and the dude has a good voice.

Old Pa, I like this, I wish I had seen them at Latitude really.

23 September 2014 at 19:27

That Goat tune is very cool Old Pa, but pipped at the post this week by George the Poet - brilliant.

24 September 2014 at 13:37

LS - better than good (bad)Charlotte
FC - I like
OP - Nice

30 September 2014 at 10:19

LS - could get hold of you if you were down under
FC - all created equal....NO!
SFW - could be a to watch