Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pentangle - Travelling Song



A Parking Ticket


I was rushing to catch a train to Waterloo, the traffic was terrible. I got to the car park with under 5 minutes to spare. After parking I headed to the pay kiosk when it started to pour of rain, when I say pour I mean serious pour. It was more lions and elephants than cats and dogs. I could not get the machine to work and there was no protection, I was getting more and more drenched. I was in a right panic as I saw my train pull up. I just had to go without at parking ticket and face the consequence.

I was absolutely soaked from head to toe and spent a very uncomfortable journey from Hounslow to Waterloo Station about 35 mins. I swear there was steam rising from my drying out clothing. I was cursing as this could end up being a very expensive night.

I was meeting Flycasual as we were on our way to see the reformed Pentangle. I just had to be there as I had followed Bert Jansch and John Renbourn since the mid sixties as well as Pentangle themselves.

I had almost dried out and had a welcome few beers before heading to the venue. The concert itself was enjoyable but not spectacular. I always thought that both Bert and John should do more of the singing. But there you go.

On the way home we got on the train and who do you think came on to our carriage?  none other than my sporting idol Andy Murray who was with his girfriend Kim Sears. They only stayed a couple of stops before getting off.

I shared a carriage with Andy Murray.

I picked up my Car and believe it or not there was no Parking Violation Ticket. Had I actually got off with it?. With a smile on my face we headed home towards the M3 when that horrible flashing light occurred.

'I don't believe it, I think I have been caught for speeding'  

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Pentangle - Travelling Song
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22 October 2014 at 20:00

Ha! Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! At least you got to the gig. It's a big regret that I never did get to see Bert.

23 October 2014 at 20:16

Andy who?
I agree that I'd certainly have liked to have heard the lads sing a bit more in Pentangle. Nothing against Jacqui but I really dig Bert's tones. I was lucky enough to see Bert perform solo once and even sat about two feet from him, on the floor at the master's feet. Amazing. I was hoping you were going to say Mr. Jansch got on the train.

Great tune.