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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/11/2014 - Gianna Lauren, Kindness, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, Public Service Broadcasting

Four Tracks that diverted the Polar Vortex!

Kindness - 'This Is Not About Us' (2014)

I've been meaning to post this gem for awhile now but for some reason I kept it on the back burner, possibly in case of a Polar Vortex. With a great sentiment and an unmistakable retro 80's feel to it (just check out the video), it transported me back to days of stone washed jeans and neon spandex, albeit briefly. I also love the fact the song borrowed the beat from the Run DMC classic, 'Peter Piper', strong work there Kindness. 'This Is Not About Us', is taken from Adam Bainbridge aka Kindness' second album, Otherness released last month (October).

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Old Pa's Corner:-
Brian Wilson - Wanderlust (2014)
Bob Dylan - Things we said (2014)

The new double set of Paul McCartney songs is rather ambitious and is bound to be full of great moments and lots of duds. It is full of some of the best artists that have ever been, all doing a song written by Sir Paul. I have chosen two by the OLD GUARD which are both fabulous. Brian is at his very harmonious best and. what else would you expect from Dylan's backing band . Even Bobby's vocals are pretty good too. Great stuff!

Shell Hunter:-
Public Service Broadcasting - 'Gagarin' (2014)

The fabulous upcycling duo have caught my attention with this latest single based around the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin, who was the first man to enter outer space and orbit the Earth back in 1961. Now this especially ticks lots of boxes in my world, I am a wannabe space cadet. The video is another tick, a lot a suave dance moves and of course the song itself is fun-kay with a capital F. I'm pleased these guys have proved themselves as more than a novelty act as was initially thought. It is definitely worth seeing them too, they put on a good show. It looks like they've hit the Blackpool Tower of concert venues next year for me, they are due to play the Camden Roundhouse! Well done lads, you will be performing amongst the stars!

Gianna Lauren - Anchor Down (2014)

I am sad.  I missed this a few months ago and was gutted to know that if I picked it up first time round, I would have been able to see her live in Cardiff.  Gianna Lauren originally hails from Alberta and Ontario but now calls Hallifax, Nova Scotia her home.  Anchor Down is infectious, melodic and has a slinky guitar melody that leaves you in a tiz.  A real grower!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/11/2014 - Gianna Lauren, Kindness, Brian Wilson, Bob Dylan, Public Service Broadcasting
4/ 5


23 November 2014 at 16:49

FC - this is not too bad..I immediately thought of Massive Attack with the excellent backing. Maybe MA meets Soul Eighties!
SH - yes this is also rather goodish...lots of potential with their idea. I am craving more live music already..even Latitude would be heaven....anything hapening at Xmas.
SFW - could not play this but I found it on YT...worth the effort. As you say this will be a real grower...I like this. As they say in Jeremy 'a full House'

23 November 2014 at 18:12

'This week I am mostly liking the horns on the PSB track, which remind me of CCS doing 'Whole Lotta Love'. I am also enjoying Bob's beautiful growl.'