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TUNEDR'S PLAYLIST - Late Night Hip Hop Vol.1


Winter's here, the nights are closing in, a playlist for the nocturnal B-Boy...Y'all know what time is it? Whether you're out on the town, driving home or you just can't sleep, these tracks will see you through the night. From the dark and sinister to the smoked out jazz joints, a Hip Hop playlist for the wee small hours.

TuneDr's Late Night Hip Hop Vol.1
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1) DJ Shadow - Midnight in a Perfect World (1996)

Epitomised everything I loved about the 'Trip Hop' era, keeping the essence of Hip Hop alive with heavy beats and clever sampling from some unique crate digging. A genre saving track taken from his debut long player, Entroducing. 

2) Massive Attack - I Against I (feat Mos Def) (2002)

Dark and menacing in true Massive Attack fashion, perfect for vampire fans of the non silly Twilight variety. Well I say silly, this was lifted from the soundtrack of Wesley Snipes' Vampire bashing movie, Blade II. Where were you when we needed you to duff up Edward and co, pal? Oh and it also has the added bonus of Mos Def on the MIC. 

3) DJ Krush - Nosferatu (feat Mr Lif) (2004)

More vampire-rific Hip Hop referencing from Japan's finest Hip Hop export DJ Krush and Boston MC, Mr Lif. 

4) Dalek - Bricks Crumble (2007)

Exterminating any nocturnal Hip Hop doubters with this lo fi boom bap diamond. 

5) Ka - Nothing Is (2013)

When I heard this album, The Night's Gambit, it reminded me of the Marvin Gaye classic, What's Going On. One of my favourite Hip Hop albums of recent times, perfect for that night time walk home in the rain. 

6) Black Sheep - Try Counting Sheep (1991)

...and if in doubt count the sheep. A sure fire old school classic for all crotch grabbing B-Boy insomniacs. 

7) Guru - Loungin' (1993)

A laid back and smoked out classic from a Hip Hop Master, taken from Guru's 1993 Jazzmatazz project. 

8) Earthling - Infinite M (1995)

Spaced out UK Rhymes from Earthling

9) Handsome Boy Modelling School - The Truth (feat Roisin Murphy) (1999)

An absolute brilliant track featuring the mesmerising Roisin Murphy and taken from, So...How's Your Girl?, the Dan the Automator and Prince Paul project, Handsome Boy Modelling School. Try and catch her rapping performance in the absence of J-Live

10) Del The Funky Homosapien - Battle of the Shadow (2007)

It's Del and friends, enough said. Ok, with the Hieroglyphics then.

11) Herbaliser - If You Close Your Eyes (feat Jean Grae) (2005)

I was a big fan of Herbaliser at one time, particularly their collaborations with NY's Jean Grae. Their jazzy blend of Hip Hop and her clever and unique delivery always a winner. 

12) Young Fathers - Mr Martyr (2013)

There's more to Scottish heroes than William Wallace and Andy Murray. 2014 Mercury Prize winners, Young Fathers, stamp their authority with a series of stunning tracks, this one taken from the Tape Two EP.

13) Brother Ali - Begin Here (2009)

From the talented US MC's 2009 EP, The Truth is Here, but more importantly it's the sweet piano sample that gets me. 

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TUNEDR'S PLAYLIST - Late Night Hip Hop Vol.1
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