Wednesday, 5 November 2014

UB40/Bob Dylan - I Want You


The Bridge

UB40 - I Want You (2014)

I have aways liked UB40. I have always liked Ali Campbell's voice but this new version of Dylan's I want You is quite frankly unnecessary.


I am crossing Greig Street Bridge
in Inverness on my bike
i am going to Chisholm the Chemist
on Castle Street Hill
i work for the Chemist in Greig Street
i am 16 teen
i work for a couple of hours
after School.
my little transistor

as always
is stuck to my ear
I Want You comes on
it is from Dylan's new album
i think it is called Blonde on Blonde
i have got another track
 on my tape recorder
but I don't know what that is called
something about a Sad Eyed Lady
i taped it from radio Luxembourg
it was a bit crackly
i only managed to get a couple of
i am a Dylan fan
ever since I heard The Time they are a Chanin'
on the Radio
I want You is different
not like his last album
seems more commercial
but I love it and want to hear it
i will have to get hold of the album
i dont' have a record player
but I will get it
it is released next week

I hear on the Radio
Dylan had a motorbike accident
is he alive?
he and Cassius Clay are my Hero's
i like the Beatles too
what is happening to Dylan?
what is going on?
i wish i new?.

Here is the original in all its glory
BOB DYLAN - I Want You (1966)

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UB40/Bob Dylan - I Want You
4/ 5


5 November 2014 at 07:43

Not a fan of UB40 and now I remember why. Is Ali Campbell back in with them? Didn't they all have a big falling out? I really like your poem, though, Old Pa.

5 November 2014 at 09:49

I played 'Signing Off' again recently and it is still an absolutely fantastic album. 'Present Arms' is pretty good too. After that, UB40 became too smooth and showbiz for me.
I saw Ali Campbell murder 'I Want You' on Jools Holland a few weeks back. Like you say Old Pa, it's a totally pointless cover.

5 November 2014 at 09:57

SB/TS - I agree TS both these albums are Tops and only the occasional track after that....still love his voice 'tho. SB they split up and actually Ali under the name of UB40 turned up for a concert here in Spain. I believe they are back together for their new album.

26 January 2015 at 16:36

Great poem, I sometimes wish music was still as elusive like that, where it makes you work to find that track. Brilliant of course but UB40's is pretty dire. I saw them perform on Jools Holland and they were ok, very much Reggae lite I suppose. However, I'm still a fan and seeing a clip of them playing 'Food For Thought' on TOTP was definitely a goosebump moment.