Tuesday, 16 December 2014

SFW's - Best 5 of 2014

2014 - Another great year of music

The Fauns - 4am.  
Dreamy, atmospheric shoe-gaze perfection from Bristols The Fauns.  Listen to it while the sun rises and you'll feel like Indiana Jones when he finds the location of the ark!

Glass Animals - Gooey
This shattered me when I featured it first in April, but hearing it live in a hot and sweaty tent at Latitude was something else.

Thurston Moore - The Best Day
Sonic Youth's main man showed us all that his best material isn't behind him with this colossal dirt-fuzz filled masterpiece!

Night Beds - Head for the hills
Singer/Songwriter Winston Yellen teased us in January 2014 with his reverb-heavy magnificence! I'm looking forward to 2015!

Hiss Golden Messenger - Saturday's Song
Southern charm from MC Taylor blew us all away at Latitude 2014 and converted us all to believers!  My Track of the Year!

It was never supposed to be easy, getting this list to twenty took weeks and last minute tweaks!  Check out my top twenty below!

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SFW's - Best 5 of 2014
4/ 5


16 December 2014 at 07:58

The Fauns are from Bristol? I'm really out of the loop. Looks like some of the video was filmed in good old Severn Beach. What a dump. Nice feel.

Thurston Moore - not heard this before. Good stuff. He played some great records on Radio 6 the other day.

Nice choices. Have a great Christmas.

16 December 2014 at 08:53

I remember The Fauns tune from when you featured it earlier in the year. I'm a sucker for a subtle, insistent riff and this one hits the spot. I must check out more of their stuff. Lovely.
Listening to this makes me think of sultry, sweaty, airless summer evenings, even though it's a bit nippy this morning. I like it. Not sure about all the dribbling in the video though!
'The Best Day' made my long list of tracks of the year. Infectious and punchy - brilliant. Shockingly, I haven't heard the album yet, I need to rectify that.
Night Beds are the only band I don't recognise on your list. On this evidence they're only a new hairstyle and a distorted guitar sound away from being classed as a Shoegaze band. With Ride and Slowdive back in action, 2015 could be their year. I'll seek out more.
Hiss Golden Messenger are appearing on a number of end-of-year polls. I've got the album lurking in my hard drive, I must go back and give it another spin. 'Saturday's Song' is very good.
Nice selections SFW - have a cool yule. Let's do it all again in 2015.

17 December 2014 at 20:59

Thanks for the comments chaps. Another great year of musical discovery. Glad some of the songs this year have tickled your fancy.

20 December 2014 at 12:28

Another great mix!
The Fauns - spot on, perfect for driving to work at '4am' in that sleepy dreamy state. Good find.
Glass Animals - really love this, shame I missed them and the mojitos
Thurston Moore - a solid solo track, and a grower on me
Nightbeds - I thought he sounded a bit like Ryan Adams, can only be a good thing!
Hiss - fantastic song from a thoroughly enjoyable band. Seeing them first a Latitude was a hard act to follow for the whole weekend!