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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07-12-2014 - Astronauts, Lonelady, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band,

Three Tracks that blasted us away!

Shell Hunter
LoneLady - 'Groove It Out' (2014)

I don't know if it's because I'm getting less mobile because of my growing baby bump or if I'm going through some sort of pre-midlife crisis, but I've been craving cheesy dance music recently. Mostly the kind that they play on Club Classics on Heart FM on a Friday night. Luckily without fear of getting my street cred crushed (I just blame everything on baby brain now though) I heard this on BBC6 music and it pacified my craving. Plus it's got more of a gentle beat so I can sway and tap along nicely. LoneLady is Manchester girl Julie Ann Campbell and her genre is described as post-punk, which I don't think quite suits this song. I think I'd describe it as laid back dance-funk and is perfect for playing alongside a Sunday brunch whilst you flick through the paper, tapping your feet. She has an album out from back in 2010 called Nerve Up but I'm sure this new single is the fuse lit for a forth coming firework.

Old Pa's Corner:- The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band - Pu Tai Dub (2014)

This is from an album 21st Century Molam by The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, now that is quite a name. It may be better for me to quote the SP on theses guys :

Born out of the legendary Paradise Bangkok sessions run by DJs Maft Sai and Chris Menist in Thailand, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band play vintage molam music from the North-East of Thailand, with a 21st century twist. The band have just completed a successful 2nd tour of Europe, which included a support slot for Damon Albarn in Berlin, as well as gigs in Germany, France, Switzer- land, Belgium and the Czech Republic. The album was recorded in Bangkok and mixed by Nick Manasseh in London, who also contributed a masterful dub to the band's debut single 'Roob Lor Pu Thai'. Chris Menist and Maft Sai are also behind the highly acclaimed 'The Sound of Siam' compilations on Soundway Records, as well as releases for Finders Keepers, Light In The Attic and their own Paradise Bangkok Label.   

Interesting stuff,  try some more if you like this. Here is one for the road, Lam San Disco.

Astronauts - Skydive (2014)

In the week that Orion made its first test flight, this is quite apt.  Astronauts is the project from Dan Carney, formerly of critically-acclaimed East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. 'Skydive' was released back in June and has been floating around the blog-sphere for a few months.  Fans of Jose Gonzalez/Broken Bells will lose their mind.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07-12-2014 - Astronauts, Lonelady, The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band,
4/ 5


8 December 2014 at 08:52

Shell Hunter. 'This is a bit cheesy', I thought to myself during the first few bars, but by the end I was tapping my foot like a good 'un! I like it.

Old Pa. An interesting fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. I'll be investigating further.

Sfw. Your Gonzalez/Broken Bells comparison is bang on. Haunting and insistent.

9 December 2014 at 11:13

SH - pretty good really, nice and smooth, nice one Baby!
SFW - this is definately a grower