Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Jim White - Static on the Radio


'do the Burj'

JIM WHITE - Static on the Radio

He never fails to amaze me, does my Max, Flycasual's little lad, he is only 5 going on 16. I would rather have a conversation with him, than I would with most adults. During his last visit I learnt more in that few days than I have learnt in the past few years.

'Towers, I know nothing about Towers',

Well if you want to know about Towers Max is your man. The Burj Al Khalifa is the tallest building in the world at 828metres high and it has 163 floors. The second tallest building is the Shanghai Tower and the 3rd tallest building is the Makkah Royal Clock Tower. These are the questions Max will answer for you. Max my man!

There is an ongoing project for the tallest building and it is happening now and the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah will be 1000metres tall with 167 floors and will be completed in 2019. I am quite excited about this as I lived in Jeddah for 10 years.

Max even draws all the Towers and all to scale. He even makes Lego models of all the Towers and all very realistic. I could spend a whole day talking about his Lego model making but you will probaby think I am biased. Too dam right I am!. You ought to see the  Lego planes he has made. Fighters and Jets I have not even heard of.

I promised Max that when I come over for Xmas I would take him to visit the Shard in London, The tallest Building in Europe (only if he remembered)  

He remembered !!
We were all looking forward to the day, Old Ma, Flycasual, Max and Me. The train up to Waterloo was very busy and I was very impressed, when some women in her forties gave up her seat for Old Man I was very impressedndeed. Well done girl.

Two stops in the Tube and we were finally at the Shard, the tallest building in Europe and if you ask Max he will tell you there are 77 floors. What a fantastic view from the top, it was worth the effort. You could see Wembley Stadium in the distance as well as other famous land marks. The local views like Tower Bridge, the Gherkin were just spellbinding. It was not only Max that was suitably impressed.  It was really quite an experience and I would recommend it to one and all. I will certainly go again. I have promised Shellhunter that I will take her.

At one point, I lifted Max up, on the Top Floor, at that time he was the tallest boy in the whole of Europe.
Base Camp 
The Summit - The Tallest Boy in Europe
We decided to go for a Pizza (Max's Choice, it was his day) on the long walk to the restaurant we crossed Waterloo Bridge and were stunned at the fabulous view which Old Ma captured. Now I know where Ray got the idea for his iconic song. 
But chilly, chilly is the evening time, Waterloo sunset's fine

A great Pizza and a problematic journey home and a gallant young man giving up his seat for Old Ma. A young girl tried to give her seat up for me, I was touched but most offended. There is life in the Old dog yet, you know!!.

I told Max that our next venture would be the 'Burj' itself, the tallest building in the world. Max called me his 'Burj Buddy' heart swelled!

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Jim White - Static on the Radio
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14 January 2015 at 07:37

Love 'Static oN The Radio'.
LOvely post, Old Pa. Max sounds like a great little chap. He obviously makes you so proud. You've made me really want to get the Shard one day.

14 January 2015 at 07:38

'up' the Shard, that is. Don't think I'm quite up to total ownership unless the Euromillions do come in about 20,000 times over.

14 January 2015 at 15:35

Haha, lovely post of a wonderul day. However you may have to change your travel plans, as he is now 'into' waterfalls!? Destination Venezuela and Angel Falls I'm afraid. Fabulous track, wasn't it on, amongst other gems, an Uncut Americana CD?

14 January 2015 at 17:00

Nice one Max! What a great lad. Sounds like you had a terrific day.
Coincidentally, yours is the second blog on which I've heard Jim & Aimee's duet over the past few days. I hadn't heard it for years until recently. What a top tune.

14 January 2015 at 18:10

Ah, lovely post, and I must make it to the Shard some day too. Max sounds brilliant.
I'll look forward to reading about future waterfall visits as well :-)