Wednesday, 28 January 2015

New Order/Joy Division - In A Lonely place


TONE DEATH (an old punk never dies)
A Jeddah Boy!

NEW ORDER - In a Lonely Place 

This is a bit of a strange one. A School friend of Flycasual is now part of a band  Mustang.  Check out our Tracks of the Week. They are a Heavy Metal band.  I have know Chris as a kid and he does look the part, even when he was 2 (so did his dad by the way, the late great Clem).  After a few San Miguel's I decides to write a song for them without really knowing their Psych. Which is a bit unfair to them and to me, I suppose. But I was excited about my little challenge.

The idea came very quickly and I was trying to think heavy metal but as Flycasual said to me when I showed him, it leaned towards Punk. Yeah!I suppose it does. But what the hell, I enjoyed it. In fact the next day when walking the dogs I thought of 2 more verses. In my opinion the idea is pretty good, but it needs a good bit of work. A good bit.

Hey! lads if you want some more I am here!

Now I am on a roll, I have been trying for the past few months to think of a theme for a Christmas song and I have just come up with exactly what I want, it was not that easy.  Well there is money to be made there and it would be great to leave some legacy for the kids. I am serious about this, I will let you know how I progress. I only have the idea now to do it!! But it is a good idea!!

Hey! SFW, I may call on you for this one.

Why In a Lonely Place?, well I  for a sneaky pint today and I heard it on the pub radio. I was in shock, but I was flooded with memories. ! It was good enough for me!

Here it is Tone Death  in all its bollocks!

Maggie Thatcher
what was her crime?
she was sacking all Our Bonnie Lads
closing all the coal mines
stealing all their jobs

she was caught giving head to Hesleltine
the dirty tory Slut

she was Tone Death
Tone Death

Adolf Hitler
what was his crime?
he was killing all our Bonnie Lads
frying all the children
destroying all we got

he was caught making out with Goebbels
the dirty little cunt (hun)

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

King Edward
what was his crime?
he was massacring all our Bonnie Lads
burning all our crofts
starving our little bairns

he was caught giving himself a hand job
the slimy dirty sasss

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

Joseph Stalin
what was his crime
he murdered 30 million Bonnie lads
sent them to the gulags
cause they knew the truth

we caught him in bed with Trotsky
the dirty commie fag

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

David Cameron
what is his Crime
starving, squeezing all us Bonnie lads
takes away our hospital beds
with condescending lies

we caught him kissing Osbourne
that dirty tory twat

he was Tone Death
Tone Death

Old Ma, pass me my slippers, I should know better!  An Old Punk never dies!
JOY DIVISION - In a Lonely Place

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New Order/Joy Division - In A Lonely place
4/ 5


27 January 2015 at 20:20

You have a definite Christmas hit on your hands there, Old Pa! Do you have a tune in mind?

Thanks for reminding us of JD's early take of 'In A Lonely Place'.

BTW, on the subject of JD, they feature in all their sartorial grace in my own latest post.

27 January 2015 at 20:52

SB - Sorry about this...I have this idea for a Christmas song...I don't think that one....but hold on! it could work.
Watching the football and then going to bed. If I can't make it, then you know my baby will!

29 January 2015 at 11:35

Definitely more Angelic Upstarts than Anthrax, but, hey, perhaps Mustang need to broaden their musical palette!
Good to hear 'In a Lonely Place' again.

10 February 2015 at 16:19

I have never heard 'In a Lonely Place' before. Absolutely fantastic, it doesn't get much darker than this. I thought New Order's version was gloom but Joy Division's takes it to hell and back. As for Tone Death, I think Johnny Rotten would definitely like it.