Thursday, 26 February 2015

Alessandro Cortini - 'Passatempo'

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Alessandro Cortini - 'Passatempo' (2014)

Bleak & atmospheric, perfect for cruising around the skyline of a Blade Runner-esque, dystopian cityscape in or, in my case, an evening drive home from work. Either way it's a sublime piece of futuristic electronica. Incidentally, I recently watched the, 'our generation's Fatal Attraction', Gone Girl, it's an excellent movie with an equally fine soundtrack from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. The desolate and almost claustrophobic nature of the music adds to the tension throughout. I wanted to hear more but it maybe somewhat inappropriate to play the soundtrack at home considering the subject matter and the wife in the film is a nuttah! The reason it struck a chord is perhaps that Alessandro Cortini also happens to be part of Nine Inch Nails when they are together. He also fronts a Electro-Alt band called Sonoio. Passatempo is taken from the Italian's 3rd solo album, Sonno, out in 2014.

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Alessandro Cortini - 'Passatempo'
4/ 5