Sunday, 8 February 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08-02-2015 - All We Are, Duke Garwood, Calexico

Three tracks that left us staring out to sea...

Old Pa's Corner:-
Duke Garwood - Heavy Love (2015)
Duke Garwood is another new name for me but when I heard this 'slow groover' I was soon into that groove. This is really good and it come from his new album of the same name Heavy Love (2015). I thought the sound was a bit familiar and with a bit of investigation I found it was co-produced by Mark Lanegan and that definitely comes through. Even the voice sounds a bit Markish.
Never the less great effort and makes me want to check out the rest of the album.       

Shell Hunter:-
Calexico - 'Cumbia De Donde' (2015)
I was getting a lot of notifications that Calexico were touring the UK over April and May this year. As well as huffing and puffing over not being able to go as I'm due to drop a mini Shell Scouser mid March, I suspected new things must be on the horizon. A new track had appeared on Spotify which my ears gobbled up greedily and enjoyed immensely! It's the best of Calexico for the modern age! Traditionalists may poopoo the use of electronica but I think it's a clever way to introduce a bit of a change. Their new album Edge Of The Sun is out in April and I'm seriously thinking about bundling little London Hunter into a back pack Master Yoda style and heading to Shepherd's Bush! Joey and co NEVER disappoint!

All We Are - Keep Me Alive (2015)
I am delighted to hear that the Liverpool 3-piece are back with the amazing Keep Me Alive which features on their self-titled album that was released last week. It's already dropped into my albums of the year list (albeit we are only in February) with their disco infused pop. Fans of Wild Beasts, The XX might want to give it a spin.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08-02-2015 - All We Are, Duke Garwood, Calexico
4/ 5


10 February 2015 at 16:02

Old Pa, I've been meaning to tell you about this guy. I've been really impressed with this track, Brilliant!

SH, London Hunter, Shell Scouser....haha believe that! Get that Yoda pack out indeed. It's a great tune and they've dabbled in electronica before anyway. Joey and co do not disappoint, that you've got right.

Sfw, like it first listen, will give it another go.