Sunday, 15 February 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/02/2015 - Mark Ronson ft Kevin Parker, Josh Rouse, JD McPherson, Hot Chip

Four tracks that tickled our fancy..

Mark Ronson - 'Daffodils' ft Kevin Parker (2014)

'Uptown Funk' finally managed to wear me down, pretty hard when it's the number one requested track at home and the rest of the country for that matter. Despite it sounding a bit like James Brown's hideous, 'Living in America' and all the other awful funk the 80's had to offer (maybe that's the whole point). I can't help but love it. I do think Bruno Mars and his band are pretty tight too. I'm a fan of Mark Ronson (especially when he was predominately a Hip Hop DJ) and would have checked our his new album, Uptown Special, anyway. There are some very good moments but for me the space funk of Daffodils, featuring Tame Impala's Kevin Parker, stood out. It has spring connotations after all.....daffodils...trumpeting the arrival of spring.

Josh Rouse - Some days I'm Golden All Night (2015)

Josh Rouse has been one of my favourite singer/songwriters for a number of years.  However, unlike his peers such as Ryan Adams / Conor Oberst, he still hasn't had the commercial breakthrough and credit that his fans think he deserves.  Instead, he now lives near Valencia, Spain, enjoying the sun, sea and sangrias. It is a world away from his native Nebraska, but something he enjoys.  His new LP, The Embers of Time, is out April 7th and it contains some of his best work to date.  Give him a go and you'll be converted!

Old Pa's Corner:-
JD McPherson - Let The good times Roll (2015)

JD is new to me and this is a track from his new album of the same name as this track. This one 'chugs' along very nicely thank you and is enough to tell myself to check out the album and check out JD himself.

Shell Hunter:-
Hot Chip - 'Huarache Lights' (2015)

Boom! First Calexico, now Hot Chip! My two perennial faves have released singles in the build up to new albums coming out later this year. I saw this on the BBC6 playlist and got the sort of excitement that a kid experiences when they inadvertently come across their hidden Christmas presents. Maybe a bit excessive, but I just love these guys and what they do. Wondering what the hell the title meant, I found out Huarache Lights is actually the name of a new pair of Nike trainers out that bring back an old skool 90s style. I had a look and they're okay, not worth the price tag in my book! Luckily, I don't feel the same way about the track! It's toe tappingly catchy and more than definitely a grower, bring on the album Why Make Sense? which is out May 18th!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/02/2015 - Mark Ronson ft Kevin Parker, Josh Rouse, JD McPherson, Hot Chip
4/ 5


19 February 2015 at 15:27

Sfw, pleasant enough. I always keep my ear to the ground for his new stuff but his best stuff is in the past I think.

Old Pa, C'mon everybody! Nice bit of Rock N Roll.

SH, brilliant track, a Hot Chip classic in the making.