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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12-04-2015 - Jesse Malin, This Is The Kit, Action Bronson, Faith No More

Four tracks to suitable for any royal wedding...

Action Bronson - 'Baby Blue' feat Chance The Rapper (2014)

A fabulous soulful track from Hip Hop's very own Master Chef, Action Bronson, taken from his fourth and latest album, Mr Wonderful. Action Bronson, is one of my favourite MC's, never taking himself too seriously and with tracks full of humour, check out his excellent pastiche of Easy Rider. Chicago's, Chance the Rapper makes an appearance, wishing some bizarre ills on his ex-girlfriend. Who says Hip Hop can't be romantic.

This Is The Kit - Silver John (2015) 

This soothing track by This Is The Kit reminds me so much of Sharon Van Etten.  So it wasn't a big surprise to find out that it was recorded and Produced by, The National’s, Aaron Dessner.  The Bristol based bands third album features a little help from Matt Barrick (The Walkmen), Thomas Bartlett of Doveman, and Dessner's brother Bryce.  They all make it rather good

Old Pa's Corner:-
Jesse Malin - Addicted (2015)

I was quite into Jesse Malin's first album a few years back but I sort of lost track of him until I heard this little gem. If it is good old fashioned rock that you want, then look no further. This is just great and like the title, you get quite addicted to it. It is one of these that like a burrowing worm, it will get into your brain and you will wake up with it. 

It is from his new album New York Before the War (2015)

Shell Hunter:-
Faith No More - 'Superhero' (2015)

Yesssssss! One of my favourite ever rawk groups have returned to the soundwaves! Its been a whopping 17 years since they released their last album so it leads me to ask, can they continue where they left off? Of course they can! This is the second single from their upcoming album Sol Invictus due out on May 19th. Its hard hitting, pounding with decent riffage and suitable for any Superhero soundtrack. It was even first revealed by the band on This is very exciting stuff for a nerd lover like myself and so good to hear Mike Patton's comical vocals again! 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12-04-2015 - Jesse Malin, This Is The Kit, Action Bronson, Faith No More
4/ 5


14 April 2015 at 16:56

A dead heat for me this week between This is the Kit and (unexpectedly) Action Bronson. In fact Action might just nick it for the video!

15 April 2015 at 10:42

Ha, yes Mr Swede, in fact a couple of my choices this week were down to the video with Mr Bronson being the most entertaining. I also forgot to mention that it was produced by Mark Ronson, he's a talented chap.

16 April 2015 at 15:22

Sfw, I like this, will give it a few more spins.

Old Pa, it's ok, not really doing anything new though.

SH, for the new Avengers? I can just imagine the nerdfest at yours with Marvel and Faith No More in cahoots. A bit disappointed but I will persist with this and the others.

29 April 2015 at 22:08

FC - never let bitterness take you over
OP - Ive seen Jesse live a few times (when he supported Ryan Adams) and like yourself, liked his first album. Not bad
SH - Faith, No more