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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/04/2015 - Other Lives, The Soft Moon, Jamie XX

Three tracks that'll make you split your trousers...

Other Lives - Easy Way Out (2015)

2011's Tamer Animals was one of my albums of the year.  It was a multi-layer of sonic lushness that could have been constructed into a cake that Mary Berry would be proud of.  Since then they've been very quite with only a couple of EPs to whet the appetite.  Thankfully, they are back with Rituals, which will be released in May.  I'm so excited that I could wee. 

Old Pa's Corner:-
The Soft Moon - Wasting (2015)

Think Cure and maybe Hawkwind a tiny pinch of Joy Division and you get an idea of the what to expect from this beauty from The Soft Moon. It is from their new album called Deeper (2015). Right up my street is this! suitably haunting and dark.. I need more!

Jamie XX - 'Loud Places' feat Romy (2014)

This is possibly my track of the year so far, it took a few listens but it's finally burrowed in my head. I'm a fan of the XX anyway and this also features fellow band member Romy on vocals but it's very unlike their trademark 'miserable as those two old bastards in the muppets' sound. Despite myself being the biggest grump in the galaxy, this, for fear of sounding a bit cheeseballs, is uplifting with it's choir like chorus and Jamie's impeccable production. Not to mention the skating in the video. 'Loud Places' is taken from the equally impressive four track preview of his forthcoming debut album, In Colour. Something to really look forward to.

Shell Hunter:-
Is having her appendix out...

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/04/2015 - Other Lives, The Soft Moon, Jamie XX
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29 April 2015 at 22:05

FC - I like this very much
OP - I can hear the joy

30 April 2015 at 14:35

SFW - instand like
FC - instant like