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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/05/15 - Chemical Brothers, Mumford and Sons,Cillie Barnes, Great Lake Swimmers, Tom Russell

...five worthy winners this week

The Chemical Brothers - 'Go' feat Q-Tip (2015)

The Chemical Brothers are back with a new album featuring several guests (Cate Le Bon, St Vincent & Beck to name a few) and the single 'Go' features former collaborator, Q-Tip. Apart from the fact that this'll no doubt be the theme to countless fitness montages and the dreadful video (apparently it's about the existentialist misinterpretation of women's freedom of expression in today's society)* it's a great track, the first hit of the summer? Two long term favourites of mine so any doubts are therefore nullified, as I must like it regardless. 'Born in the Echoes' is out on July 17th. 

*no not really, I have no idea what it is about. It's still crap. 

Shell Hunter:-
Mumford And Sons - 'Snake Eyes' (2015)

I would normally shun the likes of safe family listening "Mumford" but gradually over time so many of their songs have grown on me. But hang on, this track doesn't sound anything like them; no banjos (which is a shame as that was what won me over), more guitar based and grown up. The only real give away was the lead vocals and at least those haven't changed otherwise what would be left of the Mumford And Sons signature sound? Their latest album Wilder Mind released on May 4th (Star Wars day) is going a new direction. So fed up of being put in a genre box by their band name and banjos sees them trying to jazz it up a bit. I would like to hear from a die hard Mumford fan to see what they really reckon but for the moment I'm listening.

Cillie Barnes - Facework (2015)
I've been transfixed with this track recently and it's probably due to it sounding like a mash of Bjorks "play dead" meets portishead. Cillie Barnes is actually Singer-songwriter Vanessa Long and it appears on a collection of singles titled Friendly Witch, which was produced by Bright Eye's Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott.

London Scouser:-
Great Lake Swimmers - 'Zero In The City' (2015)

The past couple of weeks, 2 albums have been on my Spotify rotational wheel. Blur's long awaited return and 'A Forest Of Arms' by Canada's Great Lake Swimmers. As good as the former is, the latter has quite literally blown me away. I've seen them described as indie-folk and as sounding similar to Damien Jurado, so two ticks for me. This is the best new (to me at least) band I've heard since 'Hiss Golden Messenger' who really impressed the whole Tune Doctor family last year. Every track on the album is a winner, and I'm predicting a majority vote in favour of at least one track featuring on everyone's #tracksoftheyear.

You heard it hear first (if not the songs, then at least my statement)

Old Pa's Corner :-
Tom Russell - The Rose of Roscrae (2015)


Here is the title track of Tom Russell's new concept album The Rose of Roscrae (2015). You can hear the influences here but I just love it. Think Carrifergus and Shennandoh, they shine through, but nevertheless it is pretty good. 

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 11/05/15 - Chemical Brothers, Mumford and Sons,Cillie Barnes, Great Lake Swimmers, Tom Russell
4/ 5


12 May 2015 at 08:25

Flycasual. It's a very engaging tune, that's for sure, one that has grown on me with every listen. Looking forward to hearing more from the LP.

Shell Hunter. I struggle with The Mumfords, though I have to agree that this is different enough for them, that it made me pause and take notice.

SFW. I don't know her at all, but this sounded good.

London Scouser. Blimey, I had no idea that Great Lake Swimmers were still going. I got their debut in 2003 and the follow up a couple of years later, but then the band drifted off my radar. This is very nice indeed and I'll be reacquainting myself with them asap.

Old Pa. A good, solid tune.

24 May 2015 at 10:01

FC - if I immediately want to download...good sign
SH - I am bt with TS about M&S but this is rather good. 4th May there is bigger events?
SFW - good comparisons...quite good!
LS - this is good enough for me to next go to their album...