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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/05/2015 - Patrick Watson, Fink, Smashing Pumpkins, Everything Everything, Quantic, Shinehead

Five songs that didn't need a gimmick to win us over...

Quantic - 'Strike It' feat Shinehead (2015)

Hear meh kno! Dancehall goodness is the order of the week with Quantic featuring Reggae heavyweight, Shinehead and an ode to da 'erb! I'm a big fan of Quantic (aka Will Holland) anyway as he has his musical fingers in many South American pies. But I particularly like when he dabbles in Reggae like he did in Dog with a Rope. This has a great backing with an old skool vibe to it which hooked from the off. It's has been released as a 12' LP with various mixes, including a Quantic Dub version and a rather rude jungle one too by Ghost Writerz . BO!

Listen to it here on Spotify...

Tru Thoughts records...

Shell Hunter:-
Everything Everything - 'Regret' (2015)

When I heard this, I immediately thought 60s! It's got a touch of the Four Seasons to it in my opinion. I've always thought Everything Everything were a little bit mad with some of their previous stuff, in a good way though. I like this, more serious but with a hint of their usual quirk. It's taken from their 3rd album due out next month called Get To Heaven which I may even give a spin to in Spain when I visit Old Pa and Ma. In fact, I think the Spanish are already really into Everything Everything as they seem to name loads of their supermarkets after them. They call them Supermercardo Todo Todo. Todo means everything. Muy bien!

Patrick Watson - Goodnight Mr Wolf (2014)

I'm probably going to contravene the unspoken rule of not posting the same artist within a few weeks however Patrick Watson, and this video in particular, is worth the grief. The track appears on his latest album, Love Songs for Robots, and features the brilliant skating of Killan Martin.  You'll be able to catch Watson at this years Green Man festival in Usk. (Please can I go?)

London Scouser:-
The Smashing Pumpkins - 'Drum and Fife' (2015)

Earlier this week I was doing some overtime and was working in the Arrivals Lounge for the airline I work for. Around 10 am, 5 hours after I'd started shift a guy walked in, looking as knackered as I felt. In the process of checking him in he mentioned he needed some rest as he was playing in the next few days. I'd seen his name before, but wasn't sure if it was through work or his being in a band. I worked out he was in a band as he was dressed all in black and had a diamond encrusted skull ring... Very rock n' roll... I asked who he was playing with and he casually said 'Smashing Pumpkins, oh and also The Killers, I'm at the O2 this week with Brandon Flowers'. He also mentioned Billy was his oldest friend who a few days back had announced that he was going on tour with Marilyn Manson.Well being a huge SP fan from back in the day, I gushed to him as much stating that I loved 'Mellon Collie' and that my all time fave song was Disarm. Whether this impressed him or not I don't know, but I decided straight away to check out their most recent album (Monuments To An Elegy) which I missed when it came out last year. This track with its drum and fife (sounding a little Scottish-ish)was my standout from the first listen and was released back in March. If you were a fan of them at any time, then I definitely recommend you give the album a listen

Old Pa's Corner :-
Fink - Suffering is the Art of Love


Horizonlaism(2015) is the new album by Fink it contains a collection of dub reworkings of cuts off 2014's Hard Believer album! Plus 3 new tracks including this brilliant gem with the fabulous title of Suffering is the Art of Love. We all love Fink at Tune Doctor and this track is up there with their best. Another Track of the Year contender so far. Or at least I fink it is....oh! stop it!!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/05/2015 - Patrick Watson, Fink, Smashing Pumpkins, Everything Everything, Quantic, Shinehead
4/ 5


25 May 2015 at 09:26

FC - This is great
SH - I like this
LS - Best 'Pumpkins album in years
OP - Fink originally was my TOTW!

The real winner is the music

25 May 2015 at 10:33

FC - Love this
SH - This is great 2 2 out of 2 so far
SFW - you guys must be orgasmic about th vid...songs good too
LS - Ah! the people you meet...LS got another friend....this is return to form like it

23 June 2015 at 13:56

Sh, Wasn't sure about this at first but it's definitely a grower. Not sure it'll make the Dirty Dancing soundtrack though. An album I'll be definitely checking out.

LS, It's not bad but it sounds more Suede that Smashing Pumpkins. Video was interesting enough though.

Sfw, great track, ridiculous skating...wish I could go back twenty years, get on a deck and do absolutely bollocks all on it again.

Old Pa, Fink in Dub, what's not to like!!