Thursday, 11 June 2015

The Mouse Outfit - 'Who's Up Next' / 'The Answer'

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Mouse Outfit - 'Who's Up Next' feat Dr Syntax, Sparkz, Truthos Mufasa, Dubbul O & Cutterz (2015)

Can I get a lil' soul clap y'all! 

Here's two top drawer, secret compartment tracks taken from one of my favourite albums of the year, The Mouse Outfit's second outing, Step Steadier. It's very much old school in flavour, big crew, straight up head bobbin' UK Hip Hop with 'Who's Up Next' being very reminiscent to Jurassic 5 in style. Enjoy...

With a laid back vibe and live instrumentation, it's definitely one band I'd love to see. Whilst holidaying in Whitstable, I took my Father in Law for a drink at the Duke of Cumberland, a pub that also have live bands perform. It's a cool place that has lots of music memorabilia and flyers of various acts that have played or are playing, already grumbling it perhaps was not the best place to take a man who would gladly ban music from pubs. Having a look around, I almost spilled my pint when I realised I had missed the UK's finest Hip Hop band by a few weeks, so I just had to beckon over my Father in Law from the other side of the pub to show him the flyer and share in my disappointment. He's probably wondering why his daughter married me, Mouse Outfit indeed.

The Mouse Outfit - 'The Answer' feat Dr Syntax

For more rodent orientated Hip Hop, have a look at the Mouse Outfit's website here...Or check out their excellent album, Step Steadier on Spotify here....

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The Mouse Outfit - 'Who's Up Next' / 'The Answer'
4/ 5