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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 05/07/15 - Night Engine, The Skints, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, My Morning Jacket, Raury

Five tracks that were packing heat!

My Morning Jacket - Compound Fracture (2015)

Jim James' My Morning Jacket feel like they've been around forever.  The Kentucky five-pieces- latest release leaves you feeling that you've you've been transported back to 1985 in a Delorean. A hybrid of Kate Bush-meets-Prince, it makes you want to put on your Air Jordans, rekindle your crush with Molly Ringwald and make you wonder why all 80s movies had music and dodgy dancing? 

This features on the bands latest album 'The Waterfall', which was out in May.

Old Pa's Corner :-
The Skints - This Town (2015)

Here is a track from London's The Skints latest album FM. I just love these guys and although album has been out for a while I am just getting round to have a listen, Cant wait.

Shell Hunter:-
Night Engine - 'Wound Up Tight' (2015)

This has actually been my track of the week for a couple weeks now. Its a real grower. For someone who loves the 80s as much as I do, it really satiates me! Its got a kicking beat, deliciously dirty bass line and the essential synths to tick all boxes. I'm glad to hear that they haven't lost what captured me in the first place. Wound Up Tight was released at the beginning of June and launched with a gig at The Black Heart in Camden. It's been a while since I saw these guys live but every time I have, I couldn't help but get infected with their energy. Front man Phil has to be seen to be believed and what a sharp dresser! Could their long awaited album be the coiled spring that has been wound up tight? Come on and give it to us!

London Scouser:-

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - 'Riverman' (2015)


Whilst visiting Old Pa in Spain last week I was looking for some new music to add to a playlist to listen to around the BBQ. I saw that the album 'Chasing Yesterday' was on Spotify and have been mightily impressed with what I've heard. There are some great tracks on here that remind me of the great sounds of Oasis in their pomp. This track in particular starts off and I thought for a moment it was 'Wonderwall' with the acoustic intro. It's been 21 years since 'Definitely Maybe' but for me he hasn't lost any of his spark... Here's to the next 21...

Raury - 'Devil's Whisper' (2015)

With all this heat we have had, you could have easily been mistaken for being in the US's Deep South...well perhaps not but listening to Atlanta's Raury was as close as I was gonna get from my semi detached in Surrey. This cat is pretty special, 'Devil's Whisper' not only effortlessly blends many styles from Gospel to Electro to Folk and Hip Hop, it's craftily structured too. The first verse is sung from Beelzebub's perspective, trying to tempt our Raury with ting, while the second from Raury as he verbally slaps the offer out of the devil's hand with an angry rebuke. Nicely done. 'Devil's Whisper' is taken from his debut EP/Mixtape, Indigo Child, out last month.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK - 05/07/15 - Night Engine, The Skints, Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds, My Morning Jacket, Raury
4/ 5


3 August 2015 at 04:43

What a brilliant selection this week.

Sfw, Excellent track...don't forget to add the Jimmy Sommerville-esque vocals at the end.

Old Pa. Album on as I type, I really enjoyed their last and this is up my street. Great Stuff.

SH, I love this, the front man's top notch and he looks like Brody. Really catchy.

LS, and surprise surprise this is my fav of the bunch. I saw Noel Gallagher and thought, 'This'll be boring' but how wrong I was. Definitely in the mix for my tracks of the year.

4 August 2015 at 10:35

SFW - the intro sounded like 'Running Up That Hill' so I got the Kate Bush reference... Didn't quite see Prince in it myself but all in all a good track which definitely harked back to the 80's
OP - it was okay, nothing special for me and very of its genre
SH - really like this one and I'm also eagerly awaiting their album... Lol to the Brody reference
FC - straight off I thought I wasn't gonna like it with the clapping start... But it grew on me as it went on

Only one standout for me... Night Engine revved my musical motor