Monday, 20 July 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/07/2015 - The Gene Dudley Group, Leftfield, The Paper Kites,

Three tracks that were worth waiting for!

Shell Hunter:-
The Gene Dudley Group - 'Tiger Jaw' (2015)

Being on maternity leave means I'm missing out on exposing myself to new music on the journey to the airport and back so I've starting using the next best thing....bath time! Well until my little one starts objecting to the random playlists and requests One Direction or High School Musical that is, God forbid! This funky song turned my head whilst I was elbow deep in rubber ducks. Its a track from Gene Dudley, a young and very talented one man band- local boy, taken from his second album entitled Zambidoose, I'm loving the reggae flavour of this one and he's been given the Gilles Peterson and Craig Charles Funk-Soul seal of approval. Groovy baby!

Leftfield - 'Bad Radio' feat Tunde Adebimpe

Heart FM's 'greater music variety' tag line used really freak me out as they would proceed to play M People's 'Search For The Hero' for the fifth time that day. With breakfast DJ, Jamie Theakston, bringing out the worst in me. Thankfully I don't work in that office anymore so motivation and productivity is up! 'Bad Radio' featuring TV on the Radio's Tunde Adebimpe, is taken from Leftfield's long overdue 3rd album, Alternative Light Source. A welcome return after a 16 year hiatus.

The Paper Kites - Electric Indigo (2015)

I cannot work out whether Electric Indigo is trying to be like The War on Drugs or just a homage to the 80s. Either way, I'm loving it. The track features on their album twelvefour, which is a concept album that was written between midnight and four in the morning. For two sleepless months lead singer/guitarist Sam Bentley worked, reversing his sleep patterns and penning 30 songs in his home studio. Rather him than me!

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/07/2015 - The Gene Dudley Group, Leftfield, The Paper Kites,
4/ 5


27 July 2015 at 21:08

Fly- I think nothing will come close to Phat Planet for me. It sounded a bit like Out Of Control by The Chemical Brothers
Sfw- I hear what your saying with the War On Drugs ref. I love it too though! Love the video, love the song! It's 80s all the way. I can see this being in my top 20.

3 August 2015 at 02:34

SH, Love this, will be checking the rest of the album.

Sfw, Another top track. I can just see this being played in a movie where a jilted Emilio Estevez is driving angry at night!

3 August 2015 at 10:57

SH - this infectiously good
FC - I like this too, must note to listen to their album
SFW - I get the connection, 3 great tracks this week...this guy got no kids obviously.....track of the week

9 August 2015 at 19:43

SH - a pleasant track that reminds me of the tunes used for a montage of sporting events or something like that. The trumpet part is the best thing and sounds familiar to me.
FC - my only real exposure to Leftfield was the John Lydon vocals on 'Open Up' which I really liked... This I definitely a grower and I wouldn't turn it off if it was on repeat (until maybe the 5th play !!)
SFW - I was waiting for Molly Ringwald to turn up throughout !!! I get the War On Drugs comparison, and liked it immediately.

No real standout this week, but the winner by a short string was Paper Kites