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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/07/2015 - Beck, Jacco Gardner, Songs Of Boda, MewithoutYou, Roisin Murphy

Five tracks that make anybody look good in Lycra...  

Songs of Boda - Where My Hands Might Go (2015)

Here's "Where My Hands Might Go" by Swedish Singer/Songwriter Daniel Skoglunds, a.k.a  Songs of Boda.  Before you think it being about the fumblings of a 14 year old, it's about playing a guitar -which is perfectly demonstrated with a hypnotic guitar melody that can help reduce the blood pressure.  It features on the album, Loophole.

Old Pa:-
MewithoutYou - 'Red Cow' (2015)


These guys have been going for sometime but are new to me. I like this one from their new album Pale Horses (2015).  Chugs along quite nicely, then you get a change of mood with the violent chorus. Excellent. Look out for Red Cows and Pale Horses I say!

London Scouser:-
Jacco Gardner - 'Find Yourself' (2015)

Normally I struggle to find a TOTW as I don't often listen to new music... However thanks to Shellhunter for pointing me in the direction of  'Discover Weekly'. I'm now having to juggle about 7 or 8 tracks!!! Every Monday, Spotify chooses a playlist of 30 tracks based upon my recent listening. It's almost creepy to think that Spotify has been rooting through my bins and hiding in my wardrobe for any hints of tracks it wants to share with me. But if they continue to give me a good weeks listening I don't mind them going through my sock drawer. I was debating over choosing Elbow or The Vaccines, but plumped for this track by an unknown (to me at least) artist from Holland. I couldn't find much about him, he does have a Wikipedia page, but unfortunately my Dutch isn't what it ought to be so I don't have a Scooby what it says!!! It's a nice summery sounding track which helps brighten up my morning as its absolutely rissing down with pain at the moment.

Shell Hunter:-
Beck - 'Dreams' (2015)

Isn't it terrible when people know you better than you know yourself? Actually, why is it terrible when they know exactly what floats your boat. Thank you Flycasual for pinging me this one in my inbox, I LOVE IT!!!! It's rocketed straight into Shell Hunter's Best of 2015. This gentle fellow needs no introduction and has featured frequently on TuneDr radio waves. I've always been a big fan and claimed he was a musical genius able to chameleon himself into any style or music genre. This type being my favourite, the 80s! No comments about the "oh, oh, oh" backing sounding like New Kids On The Block though please!

Roisin Murphy - 'Evil Eyes' (2015)

Cor! I've always had a thing for Roisin Murphy, I think it's maybe because she's a bit of a fruit cake which is also reflected in her music. She's also currently my 'Star Pass', a gentlemen's agreement with my wife, that should I meet Roisin shopping at Asda for example, then I would allow her to come home with me for a cup of tea and talk about that dirty bass on her latest track, 'Evil Eyes'. My wife's, interestingly or not, is Martin Clunes, as it reminds her of her Vauxhall Astra driving, older boyfriend who used to work at the local golf club. She's got a good swing out of it at least. Hairless Toys, Roisin's 3rd solo album proper, was released last month, a welcome return after a 7 year hiatus.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/07/2015 - Beck, Jacco Gardner, Songs Of Boda, MewithoutYou, Roisin Murphy
4/ 5


27 July 2015 at 20:40

Sfw- it made me giggle like a school girl but I like its plinky guitar, it made me think of Dire Straits a bit. In a good way
OP- hmm not sure about this one.
LS- love this! Next bbq soundtrack!
Fly- she's singing it back with this one! I heard another new song of hers called Exploitation but it was a bit too sparse for me. You'll probably like it

28 July 2015 at 10:16

Some very nice cuts there. Thanks for the tips.

30 July 2015 at 21:53

A very strong selection this week folks, but I'm all over the Roisin Murphy tune at the moment. It has the same minimally funky vibe as 'Hinterland' by Lonelady, which is going to end up in my top ten tunes of the year with no bother.

3 August 2015 at 03:08

The Swede, I've heard many good things about Lonelady...your comments have made it my next listen.

Sfw, Dire Straits indeed now you mention it SH, great little solo in the middle is very Knophler-esque.

Old Pa, Shades of REM there I think, however with 'the change of mood', this track has the definite makings of a 'shifter'.

LS, thank goodness Spotify go through your panty drawers I say. My track of the week. I'll have to check my Discover weekly, I'll be intrigued,

SH, I didn't know who this was at first, could have been Bieber or someone like that but their were far too many intelligent quirks and ting. Goes to show Beck's talent for writing a pop song.

3 August 2015 at 11:15

SFW - this is nice....definite grower
LS - This is very good in parts. They should stick to the stark type backing
SH - NBB not bad Beck
FC- mines Vlaimir Putin...i would invite him home and offer him some radio active hobnobs and then tell him to fuck off. Tough by FC just gets the nod