Saturday, 1 August 2015

Muyei Power - 'Wali Bena' / Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Lua Land'


A drum storm to make you dance like Roger Milla


I wish I had learnt to play the drums at school instead of chasing the dream trying to play either 'Careless Whisper' or 'The Heat Is On' on the sax. The sounds emanating from my horn, successfully murdered said songs and scuppered any chance of wooing any Molly Ringwald lookalikes with George Michael's love ballad. Keep your frontmen, I'd rather be a Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, Buddy Rich or....ehm Phil Collins any day....I'm a beat man.

I was blown away by 'Wali Bena's' frantic wall of drums in what is probably one of the best percussive tracks I have ever heard, proving that there's a lot more to Sierra Leone than all the bad press of civil war and Ebola. Indeed Muyei Power were one of the top dance bands of Sierra Leone in the 1970's but despite intensive touring, at home and abroad, they split in 1979 leaving only a handful of recordings such a this amazing single.

Muyei Power on Soundway Records....

Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Lua Land' (2015)

Speaking of forward some 40 years and we find one of my favourite recent bands, London/Nairobi's Owiny Sigoma Band with a sweaty, frenetic and quite frankly a bonkers track, which is taken from their 3rd, forthcoming album, Nyanza (out Aug 28th). I defy you not to find your nearest corner flag and shake them hips.

Owiny Sigoma Band on Bandcamp...

Legendary Roger Milla...his hips didn't lie!

You can shuffle just like Roger Milla to our 'World Music' Corner.

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Muyei Power - 'Wali Bena' / Owiny Sigoma Band - 'Lua Land'
4/ 5


17 August 2015 at 19:26

Well I feel quite proud now having chosen percussion as my instrument department of choice. I too think you can't get cooler than a good beat. Wish I continued with it.
The first track is great, reminds me of that bit at the beginning of coming to America when they introduce 'his queen'! The second track is a bit too nuts but the drumming is still good.