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The Beatles - A Day in the Life


bound by the Arab Strap

THE BEATLES - A Day in the Life 

Sometimes when you actually find out where lyrics come from it is a bit of a disappointment. Take for example the line Four thousand Holes in Blackburn Lancashire. Lennon saw this in a newspapers referring to pot holes.

Another interesting one is a line from Dylan's Desolation Row, quote : They are selling post cards of the hanging. This was something that actually happened in the twenties in Dylan's home town of Duluth. Some black men were hung in a street corner after supposedly raping a white women. Pictures were taken and they were made into postcards. Pretty sick!

Flycasual was on a trip with his work to the Gulf and he told me he was going to meet the Crown Prince of Bahrain. I was very impressed and came up with this. Below it, is the actual meaning. Not quite as exotic. 


You travel by Lear Jet
To the Jewel in the Persian Gulf
Courted by Kings
The Crowned Prince comes to meet you
You dine with their Captains

Your wife is a Princess
Who came from the North
Your father is a poet
In the land of Iberia
Your mother's veil
Hides the mysteries of her past

Your sister her culture in Mayan lore
Her baby touched by the aliens
Her husband bound by the Arab Strap

Brought up in a City within a City
Nourished by the foods of Al Baik
You woke to the the sounds of the Prophet's song
You gave blood to the silver disc

You thrash and grind with the Lords of Dogtown
Your perennial garden with its eternal bloom

Your are the Price of Forrest Hills

Travel by Lear jet. It was actually a Canadair jet not quite as exotic.
He did actually meet the Crowned Price but the Captains were actually the Captain of the plane and he had dinner with him .
Wife a Princess, well his wife comes from Blackpool, up north init.
Father wishes he was a poet and lives in Spain. Mother was born in Egypt.
Sister has a pet Chihuahua called Maya and she was married in Mexico. Her baby is called Ripley of Alien fame. Her husband's favourite band is Belle and Sebastian. The Boy with the Arab Strap is one of their best songs. If you don't know what an Arab Strap is, best you check it out. (sorry London Scouser)
City within a City is Saudia City in Jeddah. Prophet's song is waking up to the sound of morning prayer call.
Al Baik is local broast chicken the best ever.
Gave blood for money at the local hospital then down to the CD shop to spend the money.
Lords of Dogtown, best film about skateboarding. Last line regarding gardens, well he like his garden.
Forrest Hills is part of his address.
Nothing is as it seems. 

I was going to finish it with and after 6 pints he goes for a kebab but maybe that would spoil the effect.

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The Beatles - A Day in the Life
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12 October 2015 at 20:12

I profusely apologise for not commenting on this post earlier, London Scouser mentioned it today and I realised I hadn't read it! It's a great poem and I love finding out what lyrics mean. So when is my poem going to be published?!

13 October 2015 at 18:16

Nice one old pa. I'll be recording them all in winter!