Monday, 17 August 2015

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 16/08/2015 - No Devotion, The Cairo Gang, All Tvvins, The Libertines, The Holydrug Couple

Five cosmic tracks....

Shell Hunter:-
The Libertines - 'Gunga Din' (2015)

I didn't realise these guys had reformed properly, I thought it was just for a concert in Hyde Park last year and I certainly didn't think I'd like their latest single! I had a few tracks from their hayday but grew tired of hearing about the saga with Pete Doherty. This grabbed my attention because of it's obvious likeness to The Clash. It's pretty good but I can't quite get my head around the 'Of Monsters And Men' like chorus. A few more listens may sort that out! Plus for those clever clogs out there, Gunga Din is a reference to a poem of the same name by Ruyard Kippling. The new album Anthems Of The Doomed is due out on September 4th and I'm sure there will be a couple of gems in there.

The Holydrug Couple - 'If I Could Find You (Eternity)' (2015)

A perfect track to watch the Perseids to, that is if we could only see any of the damn meteorites for all the light pollution. My son and I had to settle for 3 satellites, a plane, a shrew and a few moths instead. Still it hasn't stopped this track slowly becoming one of my favourites of the year. Citing Aretha Franklin and Air as inspirations, the Chilean duo have released their second album entitled, Moonlust from which the spaced out 'If I Could Find You' is taken from. It's like surfing the Aurora Borealis, or something.

No Devotion - Addition (2015)

Listening to last weeks TOTW got me wanting something louder - and this is the perfect fix. New Order meets 30 Seconds to Mars is a pretty good combination, riffage and big chorus' are another. Addition is taken from their upcoming debut album, Permanence, due out on September 25 via Collect Records.  

Old Pa :-
The Cairo Gang - Ice Fishing (2015)

Wow! Am I hearing right, for one moment I thought that was the Byrds. Well it could be Roger on Rickenbacker.

This is from their album Gone Missing(2015).  Utterley fabulous. I want more.

London Scouser:-
All Tvvins - 'Thank You' (2015)

I love bands that mess with auto correct on my phone and this band are definitely in that camp. When I first heard this I thought it was Bloc Party, so I gave it time. I'm pleased I did as it is a really infectious song that I don't think will be off my summer playlists.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 16/08/2015 - No Devotion, The Cairo Gang, All Tvvins, The Libertines, The Holydrug Couple
4/ 5


17 August 2015 at 19:05

Fly- love this! Wish i could've stayed up to watch the meteors but I can't see past 10:30pm anymore!
Sfw- refreshing riffage and blimey those references are spot on!
OP- yep sounds oldy worldy alright and reminded me of Tom Petty too
LS- this may be a grower but on first listen it's a bit 'jock rock'

23 August 2015 at 21:23

It's The Cairo Gang for me, by a country mile. Great stuff and, as you say, pretty Byrdsy.