Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Narcos Theme)


I get no kicks from Cocaine

RODRIGO AMARANTE - Tuyo (Narcos Theme)
The story of Pablo Escobar, if you have not seen the TV series 'Narcos', beg, steal or borrow, it blew me away.  Here is my little attempt!!!!
PLATO O PLOMO (Silver or Lead)
Born near the city of Medellin
from poverty he rose to fame
the richest man in Columbia
that is what they claim
his money came from selling drugs
tons of the stuff he sold
cocaine the designer drug of choice
nose candy so I'm told
if you stood in his way
it was either silver or lead
a pocket full of dollars
or a bullet in the head

Chorus after each verse

No escape from Escobar
no place you can go
he has all the money
got from selling blow
he owns the cops and judges
all the people too
there's no escape from Pablo's men
only death for yo

At the height of all his powers
60 million he took each day
what to do with this money
how do you hide it away
houses he built for the very poor
football fields for play
he built a hacienda called Napoles
for all his gang to stay
imported wild animals
opulence was plain to see
money never an object
but was he really free

His aim to be a politician
to help the poor and underfed
the man who exposed his truth
they killed that man dead
Galan the future for the country
extradite cartel thugs
he was murdered by Pablo’s men
all to protect their drugs
next candidate in line
was due to fly in a plane
a bomb was put on board
Country went insane

A crazy deal to stop the terror
he received a sentence short
he even built his 5 star prison
never even went to court
they found away to get to him
that plan he was told
and he escaped out into the night
Escobar they could not hold
DEA, the other Cartels
they all wanted him dead
no Plata choice for Escobar
 3 bullets in the head

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Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Narcos Theme)
4/ 5


14 October 2015 at 08:06

You're not the first person who has recommended 'Narcos' to me and I'm very intrigued. I'll definitely rent the DVD when it's released.

15 October 2015 at 22:22

It sounds gritty. I have learned a lot from this post too - Old Pa, you have told the story perfectly!