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New Order - True Faith




NEW ORDER - True Faith 

After that first night in Taipei, it was a  rather uneventful trip. Just hard work and long hours. I was going to meet Old Ma in Bangkok Airport. We had planned it for sometime. She had a bad experience and could not get on a direct flight from Jeddah so she had to fly to Manila and get a connection to Bangkok. The pleasures of standby travelling.

We were going to have a couple of days in Bangkok and then go to Pattaya for another few days. A bit of R and R,  just what we needed. No Shellhunter or no Flycasual. Bloody great. Naw! only kidding, I luv ya! both.

We booked at the Meridian  Hotel right in the centre, right at the top of the famous Pat Pong area.
It was going to be our base.

That first night we went for a tour up and down Pat Pong 1 and Pat Pong 2, had a few beers and got into the mood. We both said,  'if we are here, lets go and see what they are talking about!!'

We were approached by many guys with their fliers of great shows and we were tempted by one and went for it. We followed the guy upstairs and in to a dark bar. We sat down at a round bar and were asked what we want. We had a couple of Singha beers and bought the girl behind the bar a drink.

The show was constant, you got it all,  girls coming on the Bar tops,  Ping Pong, Thread,  Live, it was all there. After a few beers we decided to leave and were told to settle up at the door.

We got there and there was big shouting. Very disturbing. The freaked out couple left.  We were given the the bill, it was the equivalent of £1000. In theses days that was one hell of a lot of money.

They were shouting, obviously to intimidate us. Old Ma said we were from the Embassy and we would report them. This did not seem to phase them one little bit.  I was beginning to panic, just a little bit, well actually, I was shit scared.

Suddenly the door opened, it was a bunch of Aussies guys, full of it. We turned and said don't come in here. The Thais panicked. We made a run for the stairs, out the door and up Patong 2. I don't think our feet touched the ground.

Whoh! another lesson learned, which I use to this day.

If you want to see Ping Pong, don't go upstairs!

Always ask the price of a drink! or a taxi! or.....!

The next day I danced to True Faith in Patpong 1 and  I dont't dance.

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New Order - True Faith
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2 January 2016 at 13:01

Blimey you've had a few scrapes Old Pa. You can look back and laugh now, but at the time I bet it wasn't funny at all.
Happy new year to the Tune Doctor massive! Hope we hear more from you in 2016.