Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A-Ha - Stay on These Roads

Wednesday Club...A favour!


Ah-ha - Stay on Theses Roads (1988)

My very good Neighbour Harold, succumbed to the dreaded Big C. It was December 2015. He was a lovely guy and a good neighbour. His Stepsons were helping to clear some things from his house.

They asked if I wanted a fridge freezer which was in excellent nick. Unfortunately it was not suitable for my place, I said that I would go and ask the local charity shops for dogs. If they would take it, then I would take off the roof of my Grand Vitara and we would take the fridge to them.

I duly went to the shop and was explaining the situation, when a lady in the shop said she was looking for a fridge freezer. It was agreed that she would give a donation for the dogs charity and everybody would be happy.

They lived quite near where I lived so I said I would follow them home, find out exactly where they live and I would then go and get the freezer. I showed the woman my car and waited for them to come. A car passed and I followed on to the main road. They were driving very fast and I had hard job keeping up. When we got to a roundabout, I expected them to turn but they went in the opposite direction. Very odd I thought. I followed the car for a few more minute, when it suddenly turned into a back street and stopped. I waited and no one got out so I thought I had better see what was going on. I knocked on the window and saw an old man trembling. He wound down the window and I said what's' going on. This is not where I thought you lived

Oh! no, it was the wrong car I was following. I went to the place where I thought they lived and got out to investigate. An old woman asked if she could help, she was German.

'I'm looking for and old woman, Harold died and he had this Fridge Freezer, I followed the wrong car, I was at the dog place....'. She looked at me as if I was crazy.

'I will get my Husband Fritz, his English is better than mine. He will help'. After a few seconds with Fritz, I just had to give up, I was getting into a bigger hole. I apologised and went back to the dog place. I eventually got it sorted.

Well if you can't do someone a favour.

A Fridge Freezer just like that 
by Old Pa

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A-Ha - Stay on These Roads
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28 January 2016 at 09:41

You do seem to get into a lot of calamities.

31 January 2016 at 15:00

Come on. Was he really called Fritz. Great track by the way. I remember your A-Ha phase, when the band grew up.