Tuesday, 12 January 2016

London Scouser's - Best 5 of 2015

2015... It all seems like soooo long ago 

Musically it has had its ups and downs, personally it was all ups,
courtesy of a 7 pound 11 ounce bundle of joy

Gaz Coombes - '20/20'

When his second solo album 'Matador' came out in January, I was impressed with a capital IMP.
Having been a fan of Supergrass since 'Caught By The Fuzz' back in the Britpop heyday I was keen to check out his solo stuff and have to admit his first album passed me by. I urge anyone who hasn't listened to the album to give it one try... I (hope to) guarantee you'll love it.

Great Lake Swimmers - 'One More Charge At The Red Cape'

When I came across ' A Forest Full Of Arms' I was blown away. So much so, that when I chose 'Zero In The City' as my #trackoftheweek I made the bold statement that every member of the Tune Doctor family would choose a track for the album in their Top 20 of 2015. Whilst that might not have happened my opinion hasn't changed, cos like all families someone has to be right...

Guy Garvey - 'Angela's Eyes'

Not much to say here, it's Guy Garvey ergo it's a bloody great song... The album is really good too.

Lonelady - 'Hinterland'

I heard this track a few months back on my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, and liked it immediately but forgot to share it with the world. I then saw that the album was in a lot of publications 'Albums of the Year' lists so now I look like I'm jumping on the bandwagon... I'm not, honest...

Pleasurebeach - 'Go'

This track came to me late on, in fact it was probably the week before Christmas... Maybe that's why I like it so much, it hasn't given me the chance to go off it yet !!! It sounds like 'Arcade Fire' after they've taken some happy pills. The band formed in Belfast in early 2015 and this is from their EP 'Dreamer To The Dawn' I can see from their Facebook page, that they supported 'The Vaccines' last month so hopefully they will get some more exposure.

How good are these... and these are my Top 20 of 2015.
To listen, click on my Spotify playlist below!

And if you like them, click here for the ones that made it into my 2nd best 20 of the year

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London Scouser's - Best 5 of 2015
4/ 5


17 January 2016 at 21:23

'Matador' is a very fine album indeed, finishing just outside my own top 20 for 2015, 'Hinterland' was very near the top of the heap though and was virtually the soundtrack to my year - excellent in concert too. Pleasurebeach is new to me and has something of Lord Huron about it, which is absolutely no bad thing in my book. I shall be investigating further.

21 January 2016 at 15:29

Gaz Coombes, 20/20 is an epic song. I wouldn't have normally gone for this but agai thanks to TuneDr it came to my attention.

Great Lake Swimmers, It was a bold statement and no I did not not pick a track just to spite you. It's just an OK song for me.

Guy Garvey, He can do no wrong (at the moment) excellent track from an equally brillaint album. Belly of the Whale being my choice.

Lonelady, Top track, in fact The Swede put me in Lonelady's direction when I featured Roisin Murphy on a TOTW.

Pleasure Beach, my pick of your 5. I love this, great instrumental break at the end.

23 January 2016 at 16:55

Gas - Like FC I would not have gone there. But I loved this, great track.
GLS - i get them..i loved their album, thanks for the nod. This track reminded me some how of the band America
GG - Great Track from the Bury Boy, I believe.
Lonelady - this is tremendous, definately want to hear some more. Pati Smith comes to mind and Captain Beefheart. A good combo.
Pleasure B - This is very good too. Another great selection. Put all the top 5s together and that is a pretty good soundtrack of 2015. I really enjoyed listening to them all.

23 January 2016 at 20:17

Gaz - well what can I say? He can now truly stand up and be taken seriously. You've flown his flag and for very good reason, the tracks youve played from this album have been excellent. Who and where better to be my first live gig in over a year than Gaz Coombes @ The Roundhouse next week. Excited beyond words.
GLS - It was a bold statement and I was very skeptical but it didnt take much to break me. Love this and Zero, cant help singing along
Guy - great song from a great album. Just up my street with the full jazz band, just genius. My fave being Harder Edges and the big band break reminds me so much of the brill film Whiplash
Lonelady - love this and I know why you like it so much. I had Lonelady's Groove It Out as one of my Totw in 2014 so I must listen to more
PB - I immediately get the Arcade Fire ref, this is good. Hope to hear more of them

28 January 2016 at 11:22

Gaz Coombes - 20/20 is such a great track.
Great Lake Swimmers - good track
Guy Garvey - Bloody Marvellous
Lonelady - I can hear the Roisin Murphey ting - tidy!
Pleasure Beach - this was in my one for 2016 list and you beat me to it!

Top darts!