Thursday, 21 January 2016

Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel

 Wednesday Club....I am the Tax Man 

A dog vomiting yesterday


I worked in the Tax Office in Inverness it was my first proper job. It meant that I had to go to Glasgow a few times for training. The first visit to Glasgow I stayed in a bed in breakfast type of place and there were a couple of girls and another guy staying there.  The guy was perfect for me. He liked a drink and played in a Band. It is funny how in these courses you almost always find a like minded soul.  One of the girls was quite pretty and the other was a lot older than us. She was probably well into her thirties.

The course was really just waiting for lunch time so we could go to the pub and finish in the evening, so we could, you guessed, go to the pub. I am sure we must have ate at some time. It was the night of our last day and we all decided to go to a pub near the Bed and Breakfast. The drinks were flowing. One time the older woman went to the ladies and returned and sat next to me. Hello! what's going on here. She was definitely giving of the signals. 

When my new friend and I went to the toilet he said, 'you in there mate'.

On the short trip home she held my hand and whispered for me to come to her room after everyone has gone to bed. Anyway, I crept into her room and into her bed. We started kissing and making moves when suddenly the room started spinning. I don't remember too much, other than vomiting over this poor girl and staggering out the door. I almost knocked over the landlady, who was on her knees at the key hole. The dirty cow. I woke with big hangover and was dreading breakfast. But she was not there. In fact she did not come to the last day of the course, pleading she was not well.
I was transferred to East Kilbride a year later and one day I bumped into her, she just looked through me and moved on.  

by Old Pa

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Mrs Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel
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21 January 2016 at 19:43

Can't take you anywhere Old Pa! I had a young lady upchuck over me at a Hawkwind gig once, but fortunately have always managed to hold it together myself. There were a couple of close calls in the bad old days though.

14 February 2016 at 04:38

Wow, that's a new one! Maybe she didn't remember either and thought it was her that was sick, one can hope.