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Tommy Edwards - It's all in the Game/The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes




TOMMY EDWARD - It's All in the Game 

Growing up in the 60's seems a long way of now, well I am 66 and have a brain doused in alcohol since my late teens and there are lots you forget.

There are some things of course you will never forget. I am going to go on a ramble and write the first memories that come into my head from that decade. I think of Sundays.

Sunday was always bath night for my sister Rose and I. We had a big silver iron tub in the kitchen and water was boiled on the cooker and added to cold water in the tub. First was Rose as she was the oldest and then me.  I can't remember, if I enjoyed it or hated it. We were then wrapped in a towel before getting into our pyjamas.


It was Sunday and it was time for Top of the Form at 7pm,  a programme where Schools competed in a general knowledge quiz. We were all huddled round my Dad's radio. It was all of us our favourite programme.

After that was Dan Dare, a science fiction programme, another favourite. After that it was off to bed.

I enjoyed Sundays, when I woke up there was always a poke of sweets that our Dad got for us. It was our Sunday treat. I always remember the radio on a Sunday, apart from the evenings excitement there was always Forces Favourites. In the 50's there were still many Forces guys stationed out in Germany and I loved listening to the messages sent by loved ones to their husbands and sweethearts. I was of course always hoping for a favourite song. Especially The Ballad of Davey Crockett or The Dambuster's March.

As it was Sunday we were not allowed out our front Gate and had to play in the back Garden. How things have changed.

Sunday lunch was always the same, Home made Scotch broth. The vegetables were from the garden. I hated it,  but would give my right hand for a plate of that soup right now. Roast beef was followed by apple crumble.

THE PLATTERS - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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Tommy Edwards - It's all in the Game/The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
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14 February 2016 at 02:04

We don't know we're born! A poke of sweets on a Sunday. I remember the Scotch broth too, I used to have it with a buttered roll when I was up in the summer. Paints a picture of a much simpler time, wonder what I'll write for my reflections of the 80's. Wonderful tracks.