Sunday, 24 January 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/01/2016 - Jesse MacCormack, The Last Shadow Puppets, Anderson.Paak, Mueran Humanos,


Jessee MacCormack - Too Far Into (2015)

This is too good not to share.  It's by Jesse Mac Cormack, a Canadian singer/songwriter from Montreal. On first listen you're struck by the dirty guitar lick, (although it does sound a bit like Come Together!), and I think the video director thought the same.  The video shows Jesse and a lady lying in some water, a bit of pouting, heavy petting and pretending to play 'hide the sausage'.  Great track.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Mueran Humanos - 'Mi Auto' (2016)

All very new to me are Mueran Humanos. They are an Argentinan duo but based in, you guessed it, Germany. With a title like 'Mi Auto' it does not take too much to work out where they got their influence from. Of course Kraftwerk. This chugs along at fair pace perfect, for driving down the 'autobahn'. Definitely a lot better the second time round.    

Anderson.Paak - 'The Season/Carry Me' (2016)

Soul on a pole, y'all! Perhaps what Marvin Gaye would have sounded like should he have been a rapper?! Maybe a bit too far, well certainly that was the impression I got listening to this two part single (on the second part fo sho'). It's laidback, soulful and intelligent, everything I look for in the Hip Hop that I like and is taken from the California rapper/singer's 4th album, Malibu. Fourth? A treasure trove of listening pleasure surely awaits, time to crack open that cheap bottle of coconut infused rum (oh forget it).

London Scouser:-
The Last Shadow Puppets - 'Bad Habits'

OMG is it really 8 years since 'The Age Of The Understatement' I think that song was on everyone's playlist of the year... Predating TD... I'm a huge Arctic fan so was all over them but at the time I didn't know who Miles Kane was... He then did some solo stuff, which started well but went a bit too poppy for me... Anyhoo, this track this track which was released this month has the 60's vibe of their previous stuff with a great violin type riff going through it... Yeah baby

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 24/01/2016 - Jesse MacCormack, The Last Shadow Puppets, Anderson.Paak, Mueran Humanos,
4/ 5


24 January 2016 at 16:36

Sfw. They'll catch their death of cold. Never heard of Jesse before today, but was so impressed with this that I had to nip over to his Soundcloud page pretty sharpish, to check out more of his tunes. Very promising stuff indeed and Mr Mac Cormack is going straight on my 'keep an eye out for this dude' list.

Old Pa. Another new name and another interesting noise. Finishes a bit sharpish though.

Flycasual. The sort of thing I would never get to hear if it weren't for you - and what a fascinating tune it is. More ideas going on than you can shake a stick at. Requires an instant replay, which is what it's going to get.

London Scouser. At last, a band I've heard of! I didn't get 'Bad Habits' at all when I first heard it on 6Music a couple of weeks back, but it's really grown on me now. Excellent, dirty sound.

4/4 for the Tune Doctor posse!

27 January 2016 at 14:48

Sfw, Certainly saucy the ending is ehm...really good.

Old Pa, This is really good, another track with a really good build up but it gets cut short somewhat. I will give them a listen. My pop pick this week!

LS, I too like the Arctic Monkeys but not so much the Last of Shadow puppets but this is really good.

8 February 2016 at 17:04

SFW - I like the song, and get your 'Come Together' comparison too. The video was a bit norty, so I tried not to watch... much
OP - Not my cuppa sorry
FC - Pleasant to listen to without being amazing. Reminds me of some Prince stuff from back in the day.

And the Big Jesse is the winner