Thursday, 25 February 2016

Guts - 'It's Like That' / Stray - 'Movements'


Y'all know what time is it! You should be in bed! Whether you're out on the town, driving through the big smoke or you just can't sleep, these tracks will see you through the night. From the dark and sinister to the smoked out Jazz joints. Hip Hop for the wee small hours.

Guts - 'It's Like That' feat Dillon Cooper (2014)

It's 4am, it's been a long night so far and at that time of the morning I'm prone to hallucinations. But not because I've been out at disco smashing the Prosecco but because it's my fourth night shift...oh the glamour! Accompanying me on my nocturnal grind of the working kind is Parisian DJ, Guts and his album Hip Hop After All, his homage to the Old School and if, like me, you like your Hip Hop laid back, Jazzy with a perfect beat to bob your head to, then the stand out 'It's Like That' (feat Brooklyn MC Dillon Cooper) is the one for you. The perfect addition to the Late Night Hip Hop playlist.

Guts, PJ's on and ready for some Late Night Hip Hop

Stray - 'Movements' (2015)

Speaking of a dope beat, Stray's 'Movements' is one track that you won't want to end in a hurry. It captures that sparse Hip Hop vibe nicely, it's seriously chilled and get very little movements out of me,,,ehm ok. London's Stray is first and foremost a Drum and Bass producer but on the above evidence has dabbled nicely into other elements of Electronica and Hip Hop. The Paradise EP was on heavy rotation for me last year with 'Movements' being a particular highlight.


By Flycasual

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Guts - 'It's Like That' / Stray - 'Movements'
4/ 5


25 February 2016 at 19:38

I assume these come courtesy of flycasual? As ever, these aren't the kind of tunes that would necessarily cross my radar on my travels, though, as always, you can pick 'em! Guts probably edges it by a whisper for me, but it's a very close call. N-i-c-e!

25 February 2016 at 21:00

Mr Swede, indeed it was I and glad you liked them...... as always thanks for stopping by!

1 March 2016 at 10:55

Both are really good and definately would fit the bill late or early into the night. Not to hight or nottoo low. Great series, clap! clap!