Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Jono McCleery - Age Of Self


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Jono McCleery - Age of Self (2015)
On this cold and clear February morning this track can be the butter to your toast. Jono McCleery is an English singer-songwriter who made his first album Darkest Light independently in 2008.
This is a cover of a 1984 Robert Wyatt song and it features on his latest album, Pagodes (which is a Portuguese word used to describe a Brazilian samba subgenre - I had to look it up also). McCleery has also toured as a part of the touring One Taste collective (Little Dragon, Jamie Woon) and is about to embark on a European tour.

Here is an acoustic version...

Both versions are bloody good

by SFW

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Jono McCleery - Age Of Self
4/ 5


1 March 2016 at 10:49

Fits the bearded singer song writer down to a T. Both pretty good

3 March 2016 at 14:14

Very nice. Does he perform any of the Samba sub genre on the EP? The One Taste collective line up certainly looks tasty!