Sunday, 21 February 2016

TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21/02/2016 - Matthew and the Atlas, Animal Collective, John Joseph Brill, Field Music


Field Music - The Noisy Days Are Over (2016)

Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to much music of late which has been rubbish but something always invariably comes through, this time in the form of Sunderland brothers, Field Music. It's zaniness reminding me a bit of the freaky funk of Donald Fagen which had me hooked along with it's sensible sentiments about keeping the noise down. Unlikely to happen to me in a household of two rowdy kids. 'The Noisy Days Are Over' is taken from their sixth album, Commontime.

London Scouser:
John Joseph Brill - 'Pieces' (2015)

At first hearing I thought this was a new track by an established artist such as 'The National' because his voice is so strong and almost familiar. But he's a new artist based in Liverpool, he has been described as 'a haunted, whisky-assisted songwriter existing in the same dystopian wilderness as Nick Cave' which I like the sound of. This track comes from his 4 track 'Pieces EP' which was released in 2015 features the great line 'Don’t go dying any time soon cause Charlie I’m gonna marry you' I don't know why those lyrics stuck out but I find my self singing along. Definitely one to look out for.

Matthew and the Atlas - Elijah (2016)

Super chill for a Sunday comes in the form of Aldershot four piece Matthew And The Atlas. Singer Matt Hegarty's day-job is landscape gardening (which will get flycasual all excited) and if his garden design is as good as this he'll be displaying at the Chelsea flower show in no time.  With that in mind, hopefully he'll do us a deal.

Old Pa's Corner:-
Animal Collective - Golden Gal (2016)

The Beach Boys on acid is how the AC are somtimes campared too. I think that sums them up quite nicely. This is a great taster from their new album 'Painting With'.

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 21/02/2016 - Matthew and the Atlas, Animal Collective, John Joseph Brill, Field Music
4/ 5


1 March 2016 at 10:44

FC - Not really a lot not to like about this one
LS - Love this one just up my street this
SFW - this is quite nice, maybe a slow grower (apologise)

3 March 2016 at 14:10

LS, this is really good, further investigation needed.

Sfw, didn't do anything for me unfortunately.

Old Pa, my track of the week, great stuff!

5 March 2016 at 18:55

Fly - nice groove to it, remember really liking a song featured a few years back too
LS - yes he sounds a bit nationalish. Sounds quite 80s too. Is it furniture I'm thinking of?
sfw- chilled
OP- a sunny day song, will be testing this out!

24 April 2016 at 21:46

FC - I'm liking this... quite much
SFW - Bizarrely I'm almost hearing Tracy Chapman here... pleasant whilst not blowing me away
OP - From your description I wasn't going to like this... I'm glad I listened to it, as I was wrong... good choice

And in response to Shellhunter's Furniture comparison, you must be out of your Brilliant Mind

And this weeks winner is Field Music... just