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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 28/02/2016 - Kula Shaker, The Album Leaf, The Gloaming, Slow Season


Old Pa's Corner:-
The Gloaming - 'The Pilgrim's Song' (2016)


What a great song by the Irish/American band The Gloaming. The word epic comes to mind here and I am quite sure this will feature in my top track of the year. Here is the translation of the words if you are interested. What! you did not notice it wasn't in English!?
Spoke of the country as a temple,
Boimpéiseach was the river walk,
For a generation bent valleys,
Was true of the cross on branches.
With wind gospel of éisteas,
Sacredness of the land was,
Here lived my first love,
Oh never annexed the long direction.
Saw life as a Fenian story Long ago,
in the morning,
A rod shaped the magic Encountered 'the hand of a child.
Has risen 'the taisléine,
Is light on her cheeks,
I accompanied him as your shiny
On pilgrimage under my soul.
Here lived my first love
Oh never annexed the long direction.
A dream is there, I know it,
At boiling in the womb of my imagination,
Bright flame without body as wind, 
And praying her body fit.

Slow Season - 'Ruah' (2012)

Aah...this track left me with a warm fuzzy feeling inside, reminding me of a simpler time in the early 90's, the Single's soundtrack on heavy rotation, plaid shirts and tragic undercut hairdos. 'Ruah' sounds like it could have been taken from that grunge era, in fact many of the songs from Slow Season's self titled debut have a slice of nostalgia to them with Zeppelin like vocals and Sabbath like riffs. The retro sound however, is no novelty, this is no nonsense Rock 'n Roll with the differing styles reflecting a band of many talents. The Californian's 'lost' 2012 debut album has been deservedly reissued and follows on from their 2014 sophomore album, Mountains. Well worth your time!

Riding Easy Records...

London Scouser:
Kula Shaker - 'Infinite Sun' (2015)

I can't believe it's been 20 years since 'K' came out... I remember loving the cover as the artwork was by a comic artist 'Dave Gibbons' who worked on 'Watchmen' amongst many others. Oh and the songs were pretty damned decent too. Kula Shaker were huge for a while and then I vaguely remember Crispian becoming a but of a public hate figure because he said something favourable about the Nazi's. That pissed me off, cos it meant they pretty much disappeared... But now I've heard this track I feel like I'm almost 24 again !!! It's got the same Indian type musical influences and for me it's a great track. The chorus is something I can't get out of my head... In a good way. This is is the first release from their latest album 'K 2.0' which was released earlier this month.

The Album Leaf - New Soul (2016)

If you'd never heard of The Album Leaf prior to this then we've got something in common, but if you'd asked me who Jimmy LaValle was I'd tell you that him and Mark Kozelek had made one of my favourite albums of the last few years - 2013's "Perils from the Sea". He has also worked with members of Sigur Ros and Peter Boderick.  This track features on his new album "Between Waves" which was due to be released in February.  

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TRACKS OF THE WEEK 28/02/2016 - Kula Shaker, The Album Leaf, The Gloaming, Slow Season
4/ 5


3 March 2016 at 14:42

Old Pa, that is an epic track like you say.

LS, I wasn't really a fan at the time and I can't really make up my mind. I like the Indian sound but I can't help feel it a little pretentious.

Sfw, I like it ah-lot!

5 March 2016 at 18:48

OP- a grower I feel, love the diddly diddly bits
LS- I also liked him but I didn't know about the nazi thing. His name annoyed me. I quite like this though
Fly- instantly love this, I agree about the singles soundtrack but maybe with a bit of Chris Cornell in the back giving it some would be the cherry on the top
SFW- Iike the backing, very relaxing

24 April 2016 at 21:53

OP - Not for me, sorry
FC - I totally get the Singles soundtrack comparison. I'm getting some Jim Morrison vibes as well
SFW - Great intro, and it doesn't disappoint when the vocals come in

And it's a tie this week... And not for the Gloaming