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Leonard Cohen - Sisters of Mercy

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LEONARD COHEN - Sisters of Mercy (1967) 

The law is a funny old thing. One day you make love to her and you go to prison, the next day she is 16 and you can get married in a church with the blessing of God.


Lacie was my sister's friend
and used to live next door
she move away some time ago
was a few years ago or more
here to stay for the summer
before going back to school
Lacie certainly she had grown
and had turned into a jewel

Her laughter brought joy to the day
at night she was the brightest star
we played together
and fooled around
but I never let it get too far

Lacie she was tall and slim
hair it was black and long
with skin of alabaster white
her eyes had seen no wrong
with breasts small and pert
her smile it lit up any room
lacie like a flower in spring
she was ready for to bloom

Lacie she was wild and free
and she knew how to flirt
she made her intentions clear
and wore the shortest skirt
sitting on my knee at night
looking  young and demure
it's almost nigh impossible
to resist her tempting lure

Lacie is going back so soon
for me it is summers end
i will be left with memories
and will always have a friend
to see the light on her face
and all of her cheeky banter
Lacie's stay will linger long
her smile and her laughter

Her last day brought pain to the day
at night my heart had began to sag
she slept outside
in my sister's tent
I shared her sleeping bag

By Old Pa

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Leonard Cohen - Sisters of Mercy
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