Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Radical Face - Ghost Towns


Do you like Singer/Songwriters/Alt-Country/Americana or Indie-Folk, or do you have a unhealthy affection to the sadness, if so you may have a case of the Tuesday Blues!

Radical Face - Ghost Towns (2011)

This weeks bearded troubadour is Ben Coooper (AKA Radical Face) who is a singer/songwriter from Jacksonville, Florida.  He’s been creating albums as Radical Face since 2003 and has been creating an album trilogy called The Family Tree since 2011. This consists of The Roots (I), The Branches (II) and he’ll complete the trilogy with The Leaves (III) which will be released at the end of March followed by a European / US tour in April and May.  He reminds of Sea Wolf / The Paper Kites and Iron & Wine, which are a pretty good bunch if you ask me.

by SFW

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Radical Face - Ghost Towns
4/ 5


19 April 2016 at 12:50

Good beardy tune...could be big grower this....I always like a clapping song