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Radiohead - The Pyramid Song

Wednesday Club...Whiskey in Cairo pt.2

A Horsey Story

RADIOHEAD - The Pyramid Song (2001)

Whiskey in Cairo Part 2

I finished the meeting early as requested (ordered) and was joined by Old Ma and Shellhunter, they had arrived from Jeddah to join me. Old Ma was born in Egypt and actually lived in Cairo  for a few years in the fifties.

We decided to go down to the Pyramids to show Shellhunter, I had already visited them a few years before. Shellhunter saw a horse and wanted to go horse riding as she loved horses. (I think it must have something to do with my little ponies)  Old Ma new of some stables close by and we all arranged to go horse riding. I may add that previously, I have never even been on a rocking horse.

We all three followed the lead horse and it was all going fine until my horse just took off,  to the hilarity of all who were there. I just could not control it. That horse had a mind of its own.

It went down passed the Pyramids, it seemed to know where it was going and eventually it ended up where we started. When I got off, I could hardly stand, my ass was in agony. I am sure it was red raw.

Later, the boat trip was going well. Seeing Cairo by night by boat, a free bar and buffet was just about perfect. That was until the belly dancers came on. They were pretty good, I have to say, but maybe had seen better days. By this time the free booze started to 'kick in' and several lads from Medina started to get their clothes off. When one started to touch one of the dancers, all hell broke loose. Several security guards got involved and there was a right kerfuffle and blows were struck. I loved all that.

I off course was filming all this. I had all the evidence I needed.

'Ooooh! can someone pass me a cushion, I need to sit down'.   

By Old Pa

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Radiohead - The Pyramid Song
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