Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive/Lifted


Miss Tallahassee



There I was on my way back from Bogota for a short stay in Miami. I was going to assist with some training there. That of course is just incidental.

I was staying at an airport hotel and I asked the information desk if there was a bus going there. I boarded the bus and was taken a long route around the airport and eventually a long route around the airport car parks. It got to the stage that I was the only person left on the bus. I asked the driver when will we be going to the hotel.

 'Hotel, sorry mate this is the staff bus and I have a wait here for another 30 min.'

Welcome to Miami.

I got to the hotel eventually and was surprised or shall i say even pleased to see many young gorgeous girls milling around. I found out it was the annual Miss USA under 18 finals. Things were looking up. It got even better when I got in the lift and was squeezed tight by several sweet giggling young things.

I was in love with Miss Tallahassee, Miss Palm Springs and head over heels for Miss Kentucky.

I arranged a bus trip to visit all the sights of Miami and when I was picked up by the bus I was the only person on the tour. The driver was a very interesting guy. He was a fully trained Surgeon and had escaped from Cuba. He was doing this job as a tour guide to become proficient in English so he could get a job as a Surgeon in the States.

It was a pretty impressive tour especially the area called Coral Gables. It is a city within a city and is a vibrant arts community. It is home to beautiful international neighborhoods, historic Mediterranean architecture, a unique Venetian Pool, spectacularly shaded avenues, and dozens upon dozens of one-of- a-kind restaurants, boutiques, and hidden treasures. Definitely a place to visit if you ever go to Miami.

I also went to the Miami Rock Cafe and would you believe I still have the T- Shirt. I won't promise it still fits.

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Lighthouse Family - Ocean Drive/Lifted
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19 April 2016 at 16:40

And to think I could've been there with you hanging by the pool everyday! If only I found a cheaper flight. I unashamedly admit to loving this group, Ocean Drive and Rain Cloud in particular. I know Flycasual will skate me for loving them. Who cares if they are easy listening for the masses! If I like it, I like it. End of. Good choice!