Saturday, 23 April 2016

R.I.P. - Prince

RIP PRINCE 1958-2016

"Sometimes It Snows In April"

London Scouser:-

Like a lot of people Prince first came to my attention when I saw 'When Doves Cry' on Top Of The Pops. At first (bear in mind I was 12 years old) I didn't get him, but pretty soon after I was a fan. From the 'Purple Rain' album onwards he changed his direction like the weather. In no particular order I am going to list my favourite tracks from his subsequent albums.
I bought all of these albums and over time with the advent of mp3 and now Spotify I don't have any CD's in my possession... As a result I can't listen to these tracks, my greatest hits album that will never be...
Around the World in a Day - Paisley Park
Parade - Girls & Boys
Sign o' the Times - Starfish & Coffee
Lovesexy - Alphabet St.
Batman - Batdance
Graffiti Bridge - Thieves In The Temple
Diamonds & Pearls - Gett Off
Prince logo.svg - 7
Come - Come
The Black Album - When 2 R in Love
The Gold Experience - Gold
Chaos & Disorder - Dinner With Delores

And that's about when I lost interest in him...
Along the way, I was a huge fan of Wendy & Lisa, Vanity 6 and the numerous songs he wrote that other artists made famous, Manic Monday & Nothing Compares To You to name but a few...

I guess he has his revenge, as I can't find a version of these songs to play so I'll offer up a cover that I've just discovered... Personally I think it's awesome...


It's funny, I never realised how much of a big Prince fan I was until April 21st 2016. I mean although I had my favourite bands and artists, Prince was always there (comforting in a way), growing up throughout the early 80's, through the 90's and up to now, he's had a massive impact on my musical landscape. Not a lot of artists have that sort of impact and it was something I found out, misty eyed, as the tributes came pouring in over the radio, that I will no longer have the privilege to see him in concert or hear the diminutive genius deliver his brand of sauce again. His talent was simply staggering, musically and lyrically, if only for the line 'all the flowers that you planted, in the backyard, all died when you went away'. For each of Prince's era and guises, I could recount some very fond memories attached to some incredible pieces of music, enough to write a blog about it. From lying on an exotic beach in 86' listening to my first album, Sign 'O the Times, to cruising in a ragtop with my mother in the south of France, Sexy MF blaring from the car speakers, wholly inappropriate thinking about it but it was France and you can get away with that sort of thing. My first Prince memory from my school days, it was assembly and some of the students were performing different songs each with varying levels of incoherence but it wasn't until the quiet girl from my class nobody knew much about came on stage, flouting school rules she sported a purple beret and began to sing 'Raspberry Beret'. I fell love. In true Prince innuendo, there will always be a piece of me that will be forever purple.


I am stunned. I am gutted. I was eating dinner on Thursday evening when I got a message that said "Bloody hell. Prince now."

I have been trying to explain to my wife why his death means so much to me.  James Brown-Jimi Hendrix in one?

I was a fan from 84-92 and my older sister would play the "Purple Rain" cassette on repeat. I soon became a convert. I thought he was weird. I thought there was something pervy about him. But boy he could be play guitar! 

I preferred his rock/pop/acoustic songs. Just listen to his Very best of album and the quality of his material will punch you in the head like a sparring session with Ali. 

"Purple Rain", "Let's go Crazy", "1999", are the obvious ones but my favourite song is probably "Sometimes it snows in April" from the Parade album. It is a dark song about the death of a friend and is devastatingly good. Sign O' the times album is a must have. I could go on.

To finish I need you to watch this video of Prince showing off at the George Harrison memorial concert. Look at Dhanni Harrison's face! Stunning .

RIP, your majesty 

'U turn on the Telly and every other story is telling U somebody died... '

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R.I.P. - Prince
4/ 5


24 April 2016 at 10:52

Misty eyed reading this. Laughed at the " can get away with it in France" comment.

24 April 2016 at 13:46

I read this and had a few tears in my eyes... Perhaps cos it's been a while since I really listened to him and I forgot how bloody good he was

24 April 2016 at 15:09

As much as wasn't a huge fan, probably because my age meant I just missed out on living through Purple Rain, Prince would still definitely feature on the soundtrack to my life. Batdance and pretty much the Batman album was BIG in my life, it was just the weirdest but best theme song to me.
I remember being forced to do a cringey dance number for a drama exam to Cream when I was about 14, and tried desperately but failed to recreate the sexy moves in it! I also remember having a really nice summers day sunbathing and listening to capital FM when he had just released The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. I was so impressed with the range his voice could go and enjoyed a singalong in the garden. Truly a memorable icon in music.