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Bob Dylan - Stirling Castle, 23 July 2001



13th July 2001


I was living down in London at the time. My sister Carole who lived in Inverness told me that Moray Firth Radio had tickets for Dylan playing in view of Stirling Castle. They had hired a bus and there was a ticket with my name on it. It was 2001.

Well you did not have to ask me twice, and that's all right, if you know what I mean.

She asked me if I would provide entertainment for the trip down and back. I thought I would make up a little quiz of 20 questions relating to Dylan. I would do this with 5 questions at a time then have a break and play some Dylan music. I had an extensive number of bootlegs as well as Dylan's released catalogue to draw upon. The winner of the quiz would get the CDs which I had prepared. 

I had for the way back two videos,  Don't Look Back,  Dylan's 1965 tour of the U.K and the Boot version of Eat the Document which was never officially released. This was a video about the fabled 1966 tour when Dylan turned electric. I was looking after all the Dylan fans who would be travelling South to Stirling to see our hero.

The questions I kept pretty simple for example :
1. What was Dylan's 10th officially released album
2. What is the 5th Track on the first side of the Freewheelin
3. What is the name of Dylan's first wife
4.What was the first song Dylan played when he went electric
5. What was the name of Dylan's backing band on his 1966 World tour 
It went down pretty well but I was quite surprised when I found that the questions were a bit too difficult. I just automatically thought everyone was as much a Dylan fanatic as me.   

We had plenty supplies for the trip down and soon everyone was having a ball, there was even an impromptu singing session of Dylan classics. Just like these old Sunday School picnics when everyone sung 'she'll be coming round the mountains' on the way home. 

Help! get me outta here.  

Dylan was in great form and I managed to get right down the front until I just had to go to the loo. Too much beer I am afraid.

The setting was brilliant and I have to say, taking everything in to consideration it was one of the most memorable Dylan concerts I have seen.

I saw Dylan with my sister one other time and that was in 2000 in Aberdeen. I got to within a few metres of Dylan at that concert. I feel a bit responsible that she got hooked on Dylan as I played him constantly in the 60's and I suppose brain washed the lucky girl.

Her favourite was Positevely 4th Street and I one made her a compilation CD of Dylan doing about 20 versions of the song. Sad you might say, but if you are a Dylan fan, then you would of course understand.

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Bob Dylan - Stirling Castle, 23 July 2001
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