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Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile


Duncan was a Biker

JIMI HENDRIX - Voodoo Chile

For the last six years I was in Jeddah I lived in a very large what I suppose you would call a Maisonette. I lived on the upstairs and had the pleasure of always having interesting neighbors who lived downstairs.

Take Duncan for instance. He worked as an Aircraft engineer. Duncan was a biker and a biker in every sense of the work. He had a large Harley Davidson had his hair in a pony tail and had some great tattoos. Duncan loved his metal music with a leaning towards hard driving metal music. As I also loved music we came to an agreement that we would not complain if we ever played loud music.  I was very happy with this arrangement.

It was a must have in where we lived to build a Bar and that was the pride of place in any worthwhile home. Both Duncan and I loved our beer and often when a new brew was ready we would invite each other to a sampling party. Which really was just an excuse to get a good fill of beer and listen at the same time to some music.

I had a few beers with Duncan one evening before he went out to meet some friends. He told me that he was feeling pretty pissed off and had enough of Saudi Arabia and all the restrictions. Anyway I went to bed about 10 as I was up at six the next morning when very loud music started downstairs it was Duncan playing the Jimi Hendrix song Voodoo Chile. It stopped after about 1 minute and then started again. This went on and on for a couple of hours. It was really loud and I mean really loud.

There was just no way anybody could get to sleep. After about three hours I decided to go down and have a word with Duncan. I knock at the door, I knocked on the windows and although the lights were on Duncan was nowhere to be seen.

It finally hit me, Duncan had topped himself and I was very impressed. What a way to go listening to your favorite record on repeat. I decided to leave a note for Duncan just in case he still remained in this world. I said that maybe we will have to review out musical arrangement.

Suddenly just as it had started the music suddenly stopped about 0200 in the morning.

The next evening I went down to see Duncan when he returned from work and I asked what on earth was going on last night.

Duncan looked surprised and said he had come home pissed and woke up at 0200 in the morning with Voodoo Chile playing and was abit shocked to hear it as he could not remember turning it on. He switched it off and went back to sleep. He did tell me that once he falls asleep after a session nothing and I mean nothing on this planet earth would wake him up.

Not even Jimi Hendrix turned up to 11.

By Old Pa

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Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile
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15 June 2016 at 09:03

I've had a few noisy neighbours in my time, though none (thankfully) that liked heavy metal. Hendrix I probably could've generally coped with, but perhaps not at that hour of the morning! The worst old neighbour I can think of off-hand is the guy who regularly came home pissed and played 'Brothers in Arms' by Dire Straits at a mentally loud volume. What made a bad situation worse was that he always insisted on bellowing along with it - oh, the horror!

15 June 2016 at 12:32

TS..I like loud music I also loved Voodoo Chile. But it took me years before I could listen to it again. I bet you never listened to Brothers in Arms again.

21 June 2016 at 16:21

Such a funny story, 'review our musical arrangement' haha, I remember it well. 'After three hours', I can't believe you left it until then. Did you not see him through the bathroom window? An amazing track but there are limits!