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Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe


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I had a colleague who was a Sikh. I would not say exactly he was a practicing one as he had long ago done away with his Turban and had cut his hair. I think it probably was more to do with a case of it is better to fit in than stand out and face persecution.

Sowaran came from Malaysia from a poor family and was highly intelligent. He continued to do courses in the open University and had gained many certificates and degrees.

I wish I could get Sowaran to tell his life story as it is quite amazing. He is a great character and became my best friend at work and we were often drinking buddies.  'I miss you buddy.'

That was just an introduction to Sowaran and it will enable me to tell a little story which you may find amusing.

Sowaran at one time frequented the bookies on a daily basis when he was once unemployed and learned everything that could be learned in theses shady places. He still went on his days off,  when one day he had a  deja vu  moment. He was watching a  virtual  horse race which they have on every day in-between the proper race meetings. He just knew who was going to win and who was going to be second. He was right and it made him think that maybe theses  virtual  races were on some sort of loop.

That was it, he put his heart and soul into his project which lasted several months. He would discreetly mark down all the  virtual  races and all the results. He had charts papers and fed everything into his computer trying to establish an  allusive pattern.

He eventually found the Holy Grail and just had to tell someone and that was me. He was going to wait until the pattern came round again and on the day he would go into a bookies as would I. We would bet an accumulator on a particular race giving all the horses in correct order of that race. An almost impossible task. For a small outlay there would be an amazing return. We are talking in 6 figure returns.

He would call me on the day and he had instructed me what to do. I did tell him that I thought it would be better just him doing it as it would seem suspicious two people winning in the same area. He would not hear of it as technically we were not doing anything wrong.  Well depends upon what side of the fence you are on.

I hate to spoil this story but one day I met a very down and forlorn Sowaran. They had changed the tape or whatever they were using and it was now something completely different.

The moral of the story is you will be hard pushed to beat them bookies. But a good try Sowaran you nearly beat the bastards!.

The chosen track by the Asian Dub Foundation I am sad to say rings so true to-day.

By Old Pa

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Asian Dub Foundation - Fortress Europe
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