Wednesday, 24 August 2016

T-Rex - Mambo Sun



T REX - Mambo Sun


You knew you had arrived. you knew you had reached the pinnacle of Jeddah Ex Pat society if you were invited to the British Embassy on a Monday night. It was invitation only and you really needed to know someone who worked there or was a friend of someone who was a friend of someone.

One day Old Ma was playing in a tennis tournament with her partner Marie. Marie was a French girl like Old Ma and to be polite, Marie 'put it about' it was well know she had loads of lovers when her husband was away. He was a pilot and was often away.

There was rumor going around that some young boys were babysitting for her and they found a home movie of Marie 'doing things' that would excite both young and old boys. Rumor has it that this was immediately copied and sold in the school black market.

In between games this young lad from the Embassy  who was there for the summer season got talking to us. It was obvious that Marie had the hots for this guy and he was very quick to respond to this. He invited Marie along with me and Old Ma to the Embassy bar on the very next Monday.

The Embassy bar was great, it was just like a bar at home in the U.K. we could get proper beer and proper wine and spirits not like the homemade stuff we were used to. Everybody was getting stuck in  at cheap prices too. They had a seventies mix tape on a loop which was heavily loaded with T-Rex.  That was no bad thing as I was a fan ever since the Tyrannosaurus Rex days. The girl I was talking too said it was her tape and she was a big fan. I told her I was  'Doctor Strange' and  'she could be the one'.  She nodded approvingly.

When things were nearing the end Marie's new Bo invited us back to his flat for more drinks. He had everything there and I ended up with a large glass of pure malt which he kept topping up. Marie and her Bo were in the kitchen when Old Ma said Marie is asking if I would mind if she stayed over. Mind, I fully expected it.

Anyway we left not long after and it was a good 10 minute drive home. I was driving along a duel carriage way when I started to feel ill. I opened the window and was vomitting while I was driving.
I still shiver when I think about it to this day. If was caught they would have taken me to the cleaners. I would have lost everything, put in prison and probably flogged.

I have a similar and even worse story to tel

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T-Rex - Mambo Sun
4/ 5


24 August 2016 at 10:37

My favourite track from 'Electric Warrior', though I'm not sure I'll ever listen to it in the same way again after reading your latest tale Old Pa. There's worse to come? I'll prepare myself!

24 August 2016 at 17:22

Your right of course. Prob my favourite but how can anyone not have Get It On not in there Best of list. But I suppose it depends upon how big is your list